The Top 10 Most Searched Games This Year, According to Google

8CN: Google has released its statistics on the biggest search trends of 2014, and the video game category in particular reveals some very interesting (and occasionally surprising) insights into what the community was buzzing about this year.

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Foehammer2586d ago (Edited 2585d ago )


TitanFall is up there with the biggest multiplatform games of the year.

Not surprising, it is the highest rated FPS.

Congrats Respawn

Edit @ Utalkin2me, I am talking console fps, Metro did not score as high on any console except PC.

Utalkin2me2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Will being #2 is impressive, it wasn't received as well as the search indicates.

And did you just say the highest rated fps? It's not even close to being the highest rated.

WeAreLegion2586d ago Show
Utalkin2me2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Well first off he didn't say this year. Secondly, Metro Redux, The Talos Principle, Steins:Gate, Year Walk is rated higher in 2014. And thirdly, i did not call him any names of the sort.

MasterCheif Collection, Legend of Grimrock 2 are rated just as high.