Diablo's Archangel Tyrael is World of Warcraft's Newest In-Game Mini Pet

If you were lucky enough to go to Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational in Paris at the weekend, you would have gotten a scratch card in your goody bag which entitles you to a World of Warcraft in-game mini pet. Until now, we didn't know what the mini pet would be; unlike the token given away at BlizzCon last year, which clearly indicated the redeemer would receive a Murloc Costume, this one was a mystery.

Blizzard Community Manager, Bornakk, has just announced what the mystery pet is, and I bet all Hell is going to break loose when the demand for these cards goes through the roof...

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Wuushu3760d ago

I'm so naming my firstborn "Tyrael".

Leord3760d ago

20 years from now I meet Wuushu junior and believe you ;)

Perhaps not too bad of a name, tbh. Fantasy type names are more and more common actually.

kalos3760d ago

I hope the missus doesn't read you post then, I think she might have something to say about that :P

Cogo3760d ago

Hehe, indeed ;)

Or perhaps she isa Diablo fan as well? Tyrael as name then I guess ;)

Leord3760d ago

Oooh my god! That is frickin' nice! Now I have mini Diablo and mini Tyrael, I SO wish I could have them both out at the same time!

Maticus3760d ago

Yeah, I bet these cards are going to sell for a fortune with all the Diablo hype :)

Terrice3760d ago

I agree, with all the recent news around D3 those cards could be worth quite a bit.

Can't wait for the patch to be released.

SCFreelancer3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

You are probably right. Even though there are about.. I think it was a few 1000 that attended? out there the demand for these is probably a whole lot bigger. So.. how does it actually look like in the wow engine?

Maticus3760d ago

We don't know yet unfortunately, it goes live with patch 2.4.3 which will be sometime in the next month probably.

SCFreelancer3760d ago

@3.3 Ah, I already wondered how that worked. So the Scratch card cannot be used right away. Seems logically enough since it would have been found in the code and been a clear clue for the Diablo III announcement.

Maticus3760d ago

yes ofc, good point ^ ^

Cogo3760d ago

I'm very curious on how that pet will look, tbh.

Terrice3760d ago

I don't know why, but I got the impression from the news article that the screenshots would probably be released before the patch:

"Pictures of this amazing new pet will be available on the official website soon..." sounds a lot shorter then "...after patch 2.4.3 is released in the near future". :)

So hopefully we can at least see the mini pet, even if we can't yet get them.

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syrinx3760d ago

That is awesome, what a great choice for a pet, and yeh, these will, sell, sell, sell.

Leord3760d ago

You think they might be able to fight? I mean Mini-Diablo and mini-Tyrael?

kalos3760d ago

I think having them both out would be bad. Bad for the whole of Azeroth. As in crossing the streams bad. That bad. Don't you dare do it, I don't want yet another server crash on Tularyon!

Cogo3760d ago

Hehe, and the man manages to get a Ghostbusters reference in! =)

Nah, I think it could be cool tbh.. Like those tanks wowplayers can use..

Terrice3760d ago

I think it'll be great if they could, and hopefully they can.

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