Gaming History 101: 90s Fighters

This week Fred and Jam are throwing around fighters of the 90s (that aren’t Street Fighter II or Tekken, we did a show for those already). In the 1990s, the fighter genre was the most popular type of game available (like First Person Shooters today), and among those that have withstood the test of time there were plenty of others that played the field. From Mortal Kombat to Soulcalibur you had plenty of arcades (and home ports) to drink your quarters in arcades.

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darthv722224d ago

Im a big fan of 3 genres in the arcade. SHMUPS, Racers and fighting games. From playing games like 1943 to Daytona to fatal fury and everything in between.

big respect for SF2 and what it did for bringing the fighting games out of obscurity (ye ar kung fu, pit fighter) and into the main stream. It is the Neo Geo that did it for me personally. Art of fighting, Samurai Shodown, world heroes and the eventual annual release of king of fighters.

Those were the days.

spydersvenom2223d ago

Just for easy finding, if anyone is interested in our Street Fighter and Tekken ep (not the game Street Fighter X Tekken, but rather an analysis of both franchises) is here:

One of my favorite genres, along with shmups, in gaming.