'Jury is still out' on downloadable content, says Rare

Viva Piñata developer Rare has told it's reluctant to develop downloadable content for Xbox 360 until the service reveals proven results.

Although the developer has released some content for previous titles, and has supported the release of Viva Piñata in the US with a modest amount of material, the studio is unsure of committing manpower to developing new material for its projects.

"We've got plenty of ideas for what we can do with downloadable content because Piñata is such a unique game," said Gregg Mayles, lead designer at Rare. "But the jury is still out."

"It's almost pointless doing a huge amount of work at this point because if it's not going to be successful you may as well put that effort into making a new game," he added...

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calderra4343d ago

Jury's still out, eh?

After Geometry Wars' incredible success at launch and through today- with a monster attach rate to the console and a massive demo>purchase conversion rate?

After Arcade's continued success, prompting huge developers like Capcom to release big game like Street Fighter for the service?

After the proven success of all the trailers, demos, themes, gamerpics and other bits that have all done sensationally well and redefined what an online console service should offer to its customers?

Yeah, jury's still out.
Good job, Rare.

THWIP4343d ago

..they're only talking about EXTRA CONTENT, like additional maps, skins, etc. for existing games. This has NOTHING to do with XBLA or other facets of Marketplace.

calderra4343d ago

I was lking about how ALL aspect of Live are proven, INCLUDING content.

THWIP4343d ago

...because you don't know what you're "lking" about. :o

likeaboss3024343d ago

Where developers released free content as thanks for buying their game. When I read statements like this you can tell how profit driven society has become.

THWIP4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

...I don't remember those days AT ALL. ????

calderra4343d ago

Didn't rare already promsie tons of free contant months ago, btw?

THWIP4343d ago

...but they HAVE released free content, for both Kameo and PDZ.

Dick Jones4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

Viva pinata, for Pete's sake... if thats the attitude you guys are gunna have. It's no wonder Nintendo wouldn't lift a finger to keep you.

You make Killer Instinct and Conker for Nintendo then you make Viva pinata and fairy princess Kameo for Microsoft. Cater to the G.D. audience of each system and we wouldn't have to hear you whine and cry about D/L Content that works good in games that sell, F.Y.I. not yours.