Sony Refuses to Offer Refund for PlayStation Game Fraudulently Purchased by Hacker

CraveOnline: "Sony has got itself in hot water with one of its users, after enforcing a strict anti-refund policy even though the company itself had acknowledged that he had been hacked and payments had been made using his credit card without his permission."

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lodossrage2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

The problem here is that even if he didn't purchase it himself, he can't actually disprove he allow someone else to use his account.

THIS was always one of the main concerns with things like game sharing (different from shareplay guys). Once you allow someone to put your account on a system that's NOT yours, this is the kind of thing you open yourself up to. That's why the part about the "different serial number" doesn't matter.

I've gotten refunds from Sony before on two occasions so I'm not sure about the anti-refund policy.

Neonridr2027d ago

Sony acknowledged that he had been hacked, so not sure where the disproving needs to be.

lodossrage2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

It's simple:

Taken from the article directly from the Sony letter-

"In relation to the transactions you recently flagged as unauthorised, our investigation concluded that the serial number of the console on which these transactions were made does not match the serial number of the console you provided to us on your original call"

All that says is that the purchase(s) were made from a system that doesn't match the serial number he's currently using. All they acknowledged is that the systems didn't match. They didn't acknowledge a hack. He just said he was hacked.

But whose to say he didn't game share with someone. That's exactly why the serial number issue doesn't matter. His account would still be on a system that's not his. And that same person(s) he game shared with can easily purchase from the PSN store on his/her account.

Gazondaily2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Well when someone who borrowed my X1 decided to buy a game without telling (Sniper Elite of all games) I simply told MS I don't know who bought it but would like a refund. (at the time I didn't know how it was purchased). MS refunded it in the space of a few minutes.

There might be more to this than we know though. Maybe the guy has made frequent requests for refunds who knows.

Although saying that, Sony's customer service was TERRIBLE when my so called waterproof Xperia Z3 got messed up underwater after one week of purchase. Luckily the phone providers came through. Sony didn't appear to give a damn.

gatormatt802027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Why not call the credit card company and tell them someone's committed fraud with your credit card. If this is truly fraud, then get your refund from them and go directly over Sony's head. I mean heck, you need to cancel the credit card in question anyways. I have a feeling there's more to this story than we know...

ABizzel12027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I can tell you now Sony's not going to refund him. My little brother (5 at the time) bought 3 games Resident Evil 4HD, Another Resident Evil (house of the dead type game), and something else on PSN, and I called to get it refunded, and they wouldn't do it.

So I put a password on checkouts to stop it once and for all, because my uncle bought SF2 Turbo, and a cousin who borrowed my PS3 bought DBZ.

Best advice put a password on all purchases if you're going to be sharing, because people aren't going to treat your stuff with the same respect you do.

And if someone did hack his account, and buy games on it he needs to go to his credit card company, not Sony, because the person now has potential access to his credit card information, and possibly more. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, this guy. Why are you worried about a refund for some games, when they hacker can go on an all expense paid online shopping spree courtesy of you.

radler2027d ago

So let me get this straight. Some guy had fraudulent purchases made with his PSN account and Sony verified that they were not made from the console his PSN account was registered to because the serial numbers don't match. At the most basic level this proves without any doubt that the transaction was fraudulent and yet for whatever reason, Sony still refuses to refund the guy which I'm fairly sure is illegal given the indisputable evidence in the customers favor.

And yet still, somehow, people here are bending over backwards trying to find excuses to justify Sony completely screwing this guy over.

I'm at a loss for words, to be honest. What's wrong with you people? I swear someone from Sony could strangle puppies on live TV and you'd still defend it. Jesus.

OrangePowerz2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Nobody acknowledged he got hacked just that the purchase was made from another console. If he tells the truth it sucks, but if they would normally refund it also open themselves up for people who go to a friend buy the game there and play it and afterwards demand a refund claiming they got hacked.

His credit card company/bank should take care of this since, as stated in a comment above, hr needs to inform them anyway about the theft of the CC information.


It doesn't prove anything. I can go to a friends place and buy a game on his console with my account that wouldn't make it a fraudulent purchase.

He should contant his credit card company to get the transaction reversed, the card deactivated and since there was an online purchase the police can ask for the IP (if they bother to do that for such a small amount) and get address.

radler2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Yeah and I can steal your credit card and help myself to a few hundred at a cash machine, but that doesn't make what I'm doing fraudulent huh? I mean, I've got your card details and so what if the location of the transaction is so far away from your location that there's no way you could have made it?

I mean, you know, going by your logic here...

Oh wait, no! That IS illegal, and it IS fraud, and if I told the police that the fact I have your card details somehow makes it okay they would laugh in my face and lock me up.

God damn you fanboys are crazy.

kurruptor2027d ago

radler get this through your head. All Sony knows is the purchase wasn't made on his own console.

Imagine this...

I give my PSN info to a friend across the country. They use it to buy a game.

I call Sony and say I didn't buy this. They are supposed to give you a refund? They have no way of knowing.

ABizzel12027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )


But you completely avoided the main point of his comment, he can simply go to his credit card provider and refute the charges. If he doesn't have a password on his console then the hacker has access to his Name, Address, Credit Card information, and more. It's stupid to ask for a refund from Sony when, you have bigger issues on your hands like the "hacker" going on a online shopping spree.

He needs to be in contact with his credit card provider, NOT SONY. His credit card provider, can refund him regardless, they can deactivate the credit card and issue him a new one before the hacker spends more of his money, and they can potentially catch the person who hacked him and press charges.

Trying to get what $60 back from Sony, instead of correcting the bigger issue is flat out stupid. As a matter of fact that's a why Sony and MS can determine if purchases are refund appropriate, the customer needs to provide evidence that a fraudulent charge has been made on their card from a detailed report for the credit card distributor, and in that case the credit card company is more than likely refund you anyway.

There's no bailing this person out in this situation, he needs to go to his credit card provider not Sony for a refund.

OrangePowerz2027d ago


He has no prove his information was stolen as I said he could buy a game on a friends console and play it there and afterwards demand a refund on false pretenses.

If you steal my credit card and go to an ATM and take out money I'm not going to the bank who owns the ATM I go to my credit card company to get it refunded and the card deactivated.

Your response has nothing to do with what I actually wrote.

HiddenMission2027d ago

This same thing happened to me and proved to Sony who the hacker was and they still did nothing. If you have PS+ then your screwed because if you decide to go through your bank they'll take the money back but Sony will lock your account until you pay them back because that's what happened to me when I tried that. Their customer service is a damn joke who don't care about gamers at all and this is from a 20 plus year fan of Sony.

HiddenMission2027d ago


If your bank refunds you and takes the money Sony will say you owe them that money back and lock your account. I've had my account for 9 years or so and I've spent thousands on digital games plus my PS+ account games and the thousands of dollars I've spent on movies and videos. Locking my account over $200 versus eating it seemed like a no brained but still sucked ass like no other. So you need to think a bit more before commenting because their can be other things impacting his decisions just like how my money invested impacted mine.

nicksetzer12027d ago

I completely don't expect them to refund. He most likely gave his account out like an idiot then claimed he was hacked.

That is the point of Sony doing and investigation. They check to see if there was a brute force hack or any other illegal means of account aquisition. If they didn't find any signs of the previously mentioned it's pretty obvious he gave his account to someone irresponsible and expects Sony to fix it for him.

ABizzel12027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )


That was your choice, you chose to let someone rob you for $200 instead of getting the situation rectified, and lower in the comments you say he should lock the account and do an investigation. I agree, but why on earth are they going to give a refund before the investigation has been complete. That's stupid. If after the investigation they see the account has been hacked then yes a refund is due as well as free PS+ for the time loss rounded up to the nearest month, and possibly a bonus credit towards his account for his inconvenience (which is more than what MS did for me when it happened to me).

I don't know what bank you go to, but you bank cancels all charges to the card, it doesn't matter what Sony has to say.

1. Your bank refunds you personally and presses charges against the person.

2. If you catch it in time your bank cancels the entire transaction, and the seller has to cancel the order in this case Sony should be able to block access to the game, just like they can with PS+ games.

You people are reaching. Your bank AND THE LAW trumps any company and protects you from fraudulent charges, let's not be stupid people. If he was legitimately hacked, he needs to contact his bank, who could possibly contact the police and press charges for petty theft.


HiddenMission2027d ago


Actually you don't know what you're talking about your bank in my case is one of the biggest banks in the US deals with Sony for the refund so you don't know what you're talking about I've done refunds and they do an investigation with the company 1st. Sony then is left with the negative balance that they try to collect on by the easiest means possible being me in my case. How do they get the money lock you out of you our account until you pay them.

Don't try to act smarter than you are because you don't know others lives!

calis2027d ago

"Sony's customer service was TERRIBLE when my so called waterproof Xperia Z3 got messed up underwater after one week of purchase."

No phone is waterproof. Only water resistant.

Revolver_X_2027d ago


Im having a hard time believing anyone who refutes your assessment to be an actual adult. This is how CC systems work. The bank stops transaction, Sony blocks use of purchase. I personally had family do this to me. His game was blocked. Neither my PSN or system was locked. That is the ONLY outcome if reported properly. Sounds more to me like someone trying to cheese the system.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2027d ago

A scammer who's trying to see if he can get something for nothing. Call the credit card company and dispute the transaction. If it really was a hack, "pocket" won't have to worry about going to jail for wire fraud.

Come to think of it, that's probably why he didn't contact his credit card company before contacting Sony.

Dir_en_grey2027d ago

The credit card companies covers this.

The guy did not get his information stolen due to Sony leaking his information.

Weak password, self leaking information etc., no company needs to babysit people's own carelessness or mistakes.

LeCreuset2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )


Did you then request to speak to a manager (and maybe even that manager's manager), threaten to file a suit and threaten to file a complaint (if in the US) with the Better Business Bureau?

I'm not trying to be smart. I'm just not a fan of people thinking they have to roll over and comply with a company's policy. These policies are often inconsistent with the law and are more effective in convincing frustrated individuals that they have no legal recourse than they are in a courtroom. Despite what you may have agreed to about refunds, if it was Sony's negligence, and not your own, that resulted in your data being hacked, they're liable for damages resulting from that hack, including the charges they are holding you accountable for. In many cases, these companies would rather just give you you're money than have to deal with the bad publicity once they realize you're serious.

SilentNegotiator2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Reported as fake.

They say about half of a dozen times that Sony acknowledged it as fraud/hacking, but they clearly do not. Not in the call, not in the letter, never. The only certain fraud here is this article's premise.

NuggetsOfGod2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

If its anti Sony it will be refuted. You better believe it Lol

Just say geatness awaits and move on dude.

2027d ago
GameNameFame2027d ago

@septic that is a dumb argument.

There was an article on very young kid purchasing thousands dollars worth of stuff on x360 and MS refused to refund.

And I called sony for refund on music unlimited and 2 games. They refunded ZERO problem.

Just because this or that happened once does not make your argument. In both MS and Sony, refund is done case by case and made by people.

ABizzel12027d ago


"Don't try to act smarter than you are because you don't know others lives!"

Now I understand why your situation was the way it was. You're just ignorant so you got the run around. At the end of the day, illegal unauthorized fraud is never the fault of the victim, and your ignorant self is basically saying that regardless the victim will be punished for someone practically committing identity theft.

Little boy get offline, and go read a book and educate yourself.


A fool and his money. And anyone who disagreed with my comment fits that saying perfectly. What the ignorant person doesn't realize is that I have 2 Bank accounts and a Credit Union account Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Mazuma which is why he was mute on not providing nay further details on what Bank he has, because I would have pulled up the information instantly.

Christopher2027d ago

Sony didn't acknowledge that he had been hacked. They acknowledged that purchases were made from a different console. Something a person could do if the caller had left his account logged on someone else's console and does not have it set up that he has to re-enter his password. Or, something someone else can do if he shared his PSN info.

donthate2027d ago

I think calling this a hack is stretching it.

However, this is easy for Sony to check. If the current console doesn't match the purchasing console then they should just give the consumer the benefit of the doubt.

Sony should be able to see if the game is frequently played, or accessed by how. Sony logs all that!

Other companies like MS seems to give a lot of good will towards their consumers....

Cha0tik2027d ago

I've asked for a refund on 3 games in the past 2 months. Sony is very understanding as long as you ask for the refund within the first week. I guess there may be some sort of circumstances in which they will say "FUCK NO!" lol Keep in mind only one of the games where deemed defective was Driveclub. I only asked for a refund so I could buy Advanced Warfare.

Gazondaily2027d ago


It wasn't an argument mate...I'm just talking about my experience.

mmcglasson2027d ago


Finally someone with some intelligence. You saw the mistake that was made. You resolved the problem by implementing additional account restrictions. You didn't blame it on someone else even though they were unauthorized purchases. You requested a refund (rightfully so) but were denied (understandable). The point is, you didn't cry like a baby and blame Sony.


IceKoldKilla2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Um clearly you guys haven't ever gameshared or at least not recently. For years now, they ask for the user that's using another account to insert the credit card info again just to verify it's the actual owner and that way allow to use the credit card to make purchases. If you cannot provide the info, it deletes the credit card info. At least on US accounts. I've gameshared with my brother and a friend and on both occasions asked to refill the credit card info. In the old days it would stay saved on the PSN account, no matter what console and did not ask to re-enter the credentials. But that was YEARS ago. By the way, this is coming from MY experience only. It might not be true for all regions. I can't confirm that.

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lodossrage2027d ago

And on a side note, I can only speak for myself here. I've gotten refunds from Sony on two different occasions.

So what this anti-refund policy is about is news to me.

Iamnemesis48802027d ago

Or what i have on my xbox one account a pre paid visa card only put money in when i want something.

Codewow2027d ago

Someone had purchased over $160 worth of stuff on my hacked Xbox account a few years back. We called them up, they refunded the money fully as well as let me keep the crappy games the person bought on my account. I've been impressed with Microsoft's handling of the issues ever since.

zerog2027d ago

Yeah I'm calling B.S. myself. When my daughter bought gta on her vita on my account I called sony and they refunded it, no problem. Another thing is why would a hacker bother buying a game on someones account? If they stole the account all together that would be one thing but this guy still has access to his account. What I figure has happened is he put his account on a friends ps to share games and someone with access to that console bought it or he was stupid enough to give his account info to someone else for promise of help with a game or something. I've seen both those things happen to people but I've never heard of anybody hacking an account just to buy a game that they can't use. Sony only allows 2 ps3s and 2 vitas to be connected with a single account. On ps4 you can only have one set as primary and any other ps4 you download a game on thats not your primary thenyou have to be logged in to use it and only you can use it. So it doesn't make sense.

DragonKnight2027d ago

A lot of people don't understand that a lot of big companies actually outsource customer service, and that said customer service is trained to strictly follow procedures written in some handbook. Every situation is different, but articles like these try to paint blanket generalizations and make erroneous claims.

medman2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Don't these type of fraudulent purchases usually end up with the credit card company taking the necessary action? I know I've had a skunk use my credit card for fraudulent purchases in the past, and I called the credit card company and they didn't make me pay for the purchases, they issued an new card and shut down my old account and set me up with new numbers. I sure didn't attempt to contact the manufacturers of the fraudulent items and make them refund me.....I don't understand why this gamer thinks it's Sony's issue or why Sony would be the one he contacts.

Sy_Wolf2027d ago

Actually it's SUPER easy to prove he didn't buy it. Sony has the IP address of the person who bought it, you just have to look at that. Also it's super easy to call your credit card company and say that you didn't make the charge. This is a non-issue.

jznrpg2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

If he was truly hacked his credit card company will handle it. Someone spent 200 on steam and they called me to ask if it was me . All I had to do was say I didn't make the purchases, so if its true he was hacked he will get his money from the credit card company with no issues. This is always how credit card theft is handles not by the merchant who said items were purchased from .

Gamer19822027d ago

This is why I never put my card on my account. This is obvious with PS and Xbox that you have zero cover if hacked so I buy codes to top my account up online.

Burning_Typhoon2027d ago

They will refund you if there is something wrong, no matter how minor with the purchase.

The DoA5 Ultimate bundle a while bad had the wrong costume DLC for Ayane. I asked Sony if they could just give me the costume, since it was advertised, they said no.

They did tell me I could refund the game, though. Yes, over the wrong costume, which was just a 100kb unlock key. Nothing wrong with the game itself, lol...

What happened was they had two of the costumes accidentally swapped. I found out when I bought one of the costume packs. I wasn't going to refund though. I wanted the game, I just wanted it as it was advertised too.

So, tell them it's not downloading, and has an error, when you do. Just look up the right error code online, in case they ask. But don't ever actually download the game. Just tell them it doesn't work.

Eddie201012027d ago

Here is some common sense, it should be handled by the credit card issuer. You report the fraudulent purchase to the credit card issuer, they replace the card and give you a credit for the fraudulent purchase.

Retailers are not able to tell weather you are making a legitimate claim or not. the credit card issuer can better tell weather it is a fraudulent charge or not. Besides you are insured by almost all credit card issuers for fraudulent charges.

It is ridiculous to make Sony the villain on this matter.

Stupid article, stupid person, just plain stupid.

nitus102027d ago

Simple solution:

If Sony does not refund your money then your bank should be the one to do this. If Sony does refund you should still contact your bank and make sure your card is cancelled and a new one issued.

No matter what you must contact your financial institution giving as much information as you can and if directed, the police.

My wife had her credit card hacked for iTunes and we followed the above steps and we got our money back. Of course we made sure this could not happen again by removing all credit card information.

Personally if I wish to make an internet purchase I always use my PayPal account which is free to set up.

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qwerty6762027d ago

wow just give the guy a refund jeez, are they that starved for money?

kreate2027d ago

Kinda agree w quick. Just give the guy his money.

2023d ago
PeaSFor2027d ago

the guy shared his account informations with someone else, ...who used his account to buy stuff.....

whos to blame here?

not sony.

HiddenMission2027d ago

Doesn't matter Sony should lock that users account until an actual investigation has been performed and give the hacked user a temporary refund like your bank does. If the investigation turns up that he did not approve the charges he keeps his refund and Sony goes after the individual who made the charges. It doesn't matter if it's a friend, family member or a stranger it's just that simple.

Genova842027d ago

My ex-wife used my discover cashback to buy things on amazon with my account. I had removed her from being an approved user on the card but the web history still let her do it. Not Amazon's fault but it was 100% fraud, which Discover refunded me for. Don't think they have any real recourse to go after amazon, but they could've gone after my ex. For $90 though, it wasn't worth their time.

rdgneoz32027d ago

If he hasn't gone to his card company he either A) shared his account with a friend who bought a game without asking or B) logged onto his friends system using his account to buy a game.

I've done B plenty of times when I've spent the weekend or such at a friends who had the same system and we both wanted to play or watch something (rotating who gets the next game or movie).

Either way, if he tells his card company he never made the purchase they should take care of it.

Tempest3172027d ago

@HiddenMission Should Sony lock his account? Sure, until he goes through the motions of re-securing his account. Temporary refund? Definitely not. Sony is not liable for any unauthorized purchases made with your account. If you fucked up and gave your credentials away, or they were weak enough someone was able to break in, that's your own fault and is in no way the responsibility of Sony. The proper way in ANY fraudulent situation like this is to contact the bank. Dispute the charge, they investigate/reverse, end of story. Sony will lose the money regardless, but it's most definitely not their responsibility to give it away.

Alsybub2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )


I'm sure that those with genuine fraud committed on their PSN account would be really pleased if Sony locked them out, pending an investigation. Can you imagine the headlines all over the internet? People would be saying that Sony punishes gamers that are victims of fraud.

If he gave his account details to a friend and they bought a game on his account then that is his own fault for sharing his login. I would never share my account with anyone and I'm quite sure that account sharing is talked about in the terms & conditions for PSN. You can't blame a 3rd party for your own mistake.

If it were genuine fraud then he would have gone straight to his bank and had his cards cancelled as a precaution and would have got the refund that way. If I thought my identity had been stolen my first concern wouldn't be my PlayStation account, it would be all of the money in my bank account and on my credit cards. In fact, in these kinds of situations you can register a crime with the police and they will provide you with a reference number that you can give to companies to prove that you logged the crime with officials. You're far more likely to be telling the truth if you're willing to go to the authorities about it.

nyzma232024d ago

offcourse jeez sony is innocent here how dare they blame our godny

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joab7772027d ago

Yeah and guess what happens next. Everyone starts buying their games on another console.

Here's the answer. When you buy a PS4 there's a tutorial that shows you how to create the 2nd account. It forces you to use it. At any time, you can change it to a friend that you trust. But it's never left open for hackers to take advantage of.

Of course real hackers could also get around this by hacking their own account. But it would cut down on many innocent ppl getting hacked and the policy could stand.

BG115792027d ago

In the past with the PS5, I and a friend of mine share each others accounts, so that we could share each game we bought with each other. We are friends, we knew we could trust on each other.
Sony disapproved this behaviour and put it in the terms of use of the console. This happened with the arrive of the PS+, so we actually stopped to do this.
I don't know in which console it happened, but with PS+ and the share game on PS4, who needs to rely on these kind of practices to play games?

Kingdomcome2472027d ago

What's the future like? Is the PS5 awesome? Just giving you a hard time because you said, "In the past with the PS5."

BG115792027d ago

@Kingdomcome247 Oh damn, you got me! Now you know I'm a time traveller!
By the way, 2015 is going to be a crazy year for gaming!

Kingdomcome2472027d ago

Lol. Bring back next years' big games for me on the low lol. I hope we don't disrupt the space-time continuum!

LackTrue4K2027d ago

If only every one is as generous as you in the world. You don't mind me having your accout do you??

I can support my games/self, I just want to know if your in the same boat with that comment..?

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JonnyBigBoss2027d ago

This has happened before in different ways, such as the few people who accidentally purchased content when using their DS4 on the PS3 and it was interfacing with the PS4. Sony might as well just refund the content.

dbjj120882027d ago

Every instance of digital consumerism is bound to have some issue or error. Hopefully they'll get it settled after this attention.

Knightofelemia2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Its a tough problem coming from both sides of the fence. Seeing it from Sonys side and the Pockets side as well. I use PSN cards myself don't put my credit card online. But Sony should be doing more then banning the console that bought the game illegally. Your network got hacked just like other parts of the Sony branches that are on the news. The guy who hacks your network to buy a game illegally should have his ass nailed to the cross. But he gets a slap on the wrist by having his console banned.

Hopefully Pockets gets his cash back. Sonys networks are done being hacked and the hacker gets in shit.