NZGamer: Buzz! Junior Jungle Party Preview

NZGamer writes: "Junior Jungle Party kept little kids entertained, not to mention palms tenderized, on the PS2 when it first came out over a year ago. Now the Buzz! game has been made available as a download via the online PlayStation Network for the PS3.

Like the original PS2 version, Buzz! Junior Jungle Party utilises the Buzz! controllers, but due to its younger target market, the gameplay relies more on skill and speed rather than quizzes. Essentially it is a great game to pull out at a kids party, filled with wacky and amusing mini-games designed to be as frantic and exciting as possible."

The Good:
-It will keep the kids entertained... and busy.

The Bad:
-It's not new, just a re-release via PSN.

The Ugly:
-Mr. Buzz's voice... Oh, God! Tell him to shut up!

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