Screw Hatred’s nihilistic negativity, here are ten of the most joyous, life-affirming games around

Dealspwn: "We'll deal with Hatred when we can actually play the damn thing and see if it's anything more than a poor man's Postal. In the meantime, however, instead of choking out some faux-outrage about a game we're yet to play, here are ten conversely joyous and uplifting games that you can absolutely play right now and remind yourself that gaming can be positive and life-affirming too."

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Blues Cowboy2033d ago

Nice to read an article about the joy of games in amongst all the scandal-mongering and doom-slinging we usually see in headlines these days.

OutRun was my happy place, as was Jet Set Radio/Jet Set Radio Future.

3-4-52033d ago

If I want a permasmile I just turn on my Wii U.

WeAreLegion2033d ago

The King of All Cosmos is such a douche canoe. I freaking love Katamari.

I love all these games, actually.

Still, I don't see why we can't have both Hatred and Katamari. It just depends what you're in the mood for.

I don't always feel like watching Love Actually. Sometimes, I want to watch Requiem for a Dream. Or Dead Alive.

The same goes for books. I might be in the mood for a Dave Barry book or I might feel more like Watership Down.

FuzzyPixels2033d ago

I actually completely agree with you. This is what diversity in terms of games means, sometimes I want to shoot virtual people with a virtual gun, sometimes I want to roll houses up with a giant sticky ball. It's all about choice.

But all Hatred is right now is a trailer and Greenlight pitch and people are blowing it out of proportion and it just sort of annoys me that people are choosing to try and rip apart a game that's barely a game at this point, rather than highlighting other awesome stuff.

It's all controversy for controversy's sake right now. And these ten games are awesome.

Also douche canoe is the best insult ever. And yes, the King of All Cosmos is most certainly a douche canoe. A funky canoe of douche.

WeAreLegion2033d ago

Haha. Totally agreed. Thanks for a good list.