Firmware Update 2.40 Changelog

The latest System Software Update is now ready for download for the PLAYSTATION 3. Here are the details of what this firmware accomplishes:

* Displaying the XMB screen during gameplay
You can now access the XMB screen while playing PLAYSTATION®3 format software.
* Searching the Internet from the XMB screen
You can now perform an Internet search directly from the XMB screen.

Other new or revised features in version 2.40 after the jump.

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donator3760d ago

Great news that 2.4 is out, but I hope they get in-game private/cross-game chat implemented soon. That's all I really wanted.

tudors3760d ago

"Great news that 2.4 is out, but I hope they get in-game private/cross-game chat implemented soon. That's all I really wanted."

So I take it the above has not been implemented yet? so I take it those who disagree don't want private/cross-game chat then?

King_many_layers3760d ago

maybe it's because that they are just haters and don't think it's great that 2.4 is up because it brings PSN closer to the standards of live.

Jack Meahoffer3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

No actually Donator is getting disagrees from Sony brand worshipers because he dared to point out the most important feature that was supposed to be in 2.4 is missing.

The same thing happened to me Monday when 2.4 was confirmed for this week. I simply posted a comment asking "Hey I didn't notice universal in game voice chat in the feature list. Am I missing something?" And the brand worshipers attacked me as a 360 fanboy.

Anything that comes close to be "negative" must be attacked at full force. Doesn't matter if you speak the truth. Truth doesn't matter only blind praise will get you bubbles and agrees.

I'm excited for this FW update as well and I'll be downloading it as soon as I get home from work but I'm hugely disappointed that the ONE feature I REALLY care about is missing.

The PS3 will NOT be complete until it has proper voice chat. Not the weak last generation voice chat you have now where you HAVE to be in the SAME GAME ROOM to talk to your friends. Typing text messages to coordinate a game of COD4 with like 10 people hardly helps. Most people will just continue using the phone like they do now.

Disagree with me all you want you blind corporate worshipers its the truth.

MikeGdaGod3760d ago

yes cross-game voice chat would be nice. i'm sure that's next on their list since alot of people have been asking for it.

at least that's one thing we can say. if you ask sony for it long enough, they will give it to you.

shine13963759d ago

I'm not even getting the you can download update?

dantesparda3759d ago

You can now set the PS3™ system to turn off automatically after updating the system software."

Where is this option? I dont see it.

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amilimos3760d ago

Didnt know that there were that much updates... but anyways ... thanks Sony ... more trophies and "real" in game music pleeeaseee :}

ps: did anyone notice that while ur on any category on the ps store, it shows u how many items are in there ... eg 1/27 videos ...(as in ... ur on the first video out of 27)... dont know if im late to notice but i never did before this update.

And also the "square" view mode button on the store as well ... :}

slave2Dcontroller3760d ago

Didnt notice that . The update is Great and much needed. Cant wait for the devs to start releasing the patches.

derseb3760d ago

This is the best update ever!! Give me Home now and I'm completely satisfied...

slave2Dcontroller3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Your right. I'm lovin Sony so much right now. It seems like there so much to look forward to man. As awsome as 2.40 is we still have HOME to look forward to. We already have MIGHTY MGS4 next is LBP and the Resistance2 and one of my alltime favorites franchises- WipeOut HD Then Motorstorm2 followed by KZ2 and by then a bunch more things will have been announced. I hope E3 is huuuuge for Sony!

Devilbringer3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

to bad none DEV have made a patch for any games with in-game music =/

edit: whats with the disagree:P its true. isnt it?

joydestroy3760d ago

i thought SSHD had in-game music. at least i read that somewhere.
man...time to play some MGO.

PSN: joydestroy. see you online!

zen_fart3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

i saw in the pixel junk monsters video that the guy just turned off the BGM in the options, after that u could play music no problems. maybe this is the way to do it?

and stardust has had custom music for a while, it read a playlist u created in the xmb.

ingame xmb ftw!

MikeGdaGod3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

the custom sound tracks in SSHD doesn't run off the in-game XMB. you have to go to the options menu, then the audio options in the game to turn it on.

same with High Velocity Bowling

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