PC Gamer: TrackMania United Forever - Blistering speed and stunts worthy of Cupid

PC Gamer writes: "Seconds don't count. A second is an eternity. It's the ticks in the middle that make the difference. Every corner in TM, every slight twitch of the controls, can potentially drop a perfect run into a searing abyss of failure and humiliation, leaving you tearing off your clothes, smearing the blood of a freshly killed sacrificial hamster across your chest, and leaping out in front of traffic in penitence for your crime. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway. TrackMania United Forever is a free update and the re-release name for ordinary TrackMania United, adding a few things like 3D glasses support, updated graphics for the original tracks, and playing against Nations players. Ultimately, it's the same game. Why cover it again now? Put simply, it's great fun, and not enough people have played it."

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