‘Destiny': How To Find ‘Husk Of The Pit’ Rifle And Upgrade To ‘Necrochasm’

INQ: The Dark Below DLC for Destiny brought along an interesting common Auto Rifle called Husk of the Pit that can evolve into a compelling Exotic named Necrochasm. However, that common Auto Rifle wasn’t all that common. Then Bungie released the hotfix update on Tuesday and now PlayStation and Xbox owners are beginning to find it and uncovering details. This article will serve as a guide on how to find Husk of the Pit and upgrade it through two evolutions.

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JeffGUNZ2029d ago

I will be doing this when I get home from work.

GuruStarr782028d ago

So in order to get the legendary you need to beat crota in the raid on hard... damn, I haven't even beat him on normal, yet... can't seem to get a fireteam worth a damn to beat him.... Not saying I'm the best, but jeez...

I need to find a good raid team... My Gamertag on XBox one is SGT Masser if anyone is looking for a decent team member with a lvl 31 warlock and all the best weapons including a fully leveled up Gjallahorn and Dragons Breath

katzura662028d ago

No you need to be Eris rank 3 you need the hard Raid to upgrade it to an Exotic