Vegas 2 Patch Officially Released

Ripten: "The much-talked-about patch to the hit game Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is officially available for download. I just checked it out on the Xbox 360, and I would assume it is available for the PlayStation 3 as well, though I can't confirm it. Read on for the full update details."

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Nostradavis3761d ago

Oh the hours of my life lost playing the original RB6 Vegas. Good times. I am not a big fan of the sequel though.

Twizlex3761d ago

You ever play any of the original Rainbow Six games on PC?

joydestroy3761d ago

are you serious?
i thought the sequel was better because you can run now and the ranking system is wayyy better.

glad this update has come. i wanna check out this grenade indicator.

Guwapo773761d ago

At the time of writing this...PS3 update has not been released, I'm sad to report.

agentace3761d ago

wasn`t this relesased over a week ago, i got it

monkey6023761d ago

Too late for me. I got sick of waiting and traded this in for the Orange Box. Best decision ever!