No, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2 Isn't Coming 2015

More than 42,000 people have shared a fake press release apparently confirming the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2.

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Ranma12025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

If they aint gonna make it they should at least give us a HD collection.

I am hoping for a HD collection of PS2 GTA's, Dark Cloud series and Shadow Hearts series

GTA San Andreas was my favorite one.

sobotz2025d ago

Just give us SA for Vita!!

teedogg802025d ago

Yeah, thought by now we would have had a proper Vita GTA.

KillerResistance2025d ago

lets do like how we did for Resident Evil Revelations 2. Petition, Spam Forum, Email Sony alot, plead media sites, and wait for the announcement.

nowitzki20042025d ago

They sould add CJ with some story mode in DLC i would buy it.

eferreira2025d ago

cj almost 30 years later would not be fun lol

iSuperSaiyanGod2025d ago

It don't have to be 30 years later^ you do realize this is a virtual world and not a real one right? 😂 they could put George Washington in it as a main character & it'll still be the same time smh

Eamon2024d ago

I think Rockstar already confirmed they will not be taking characters from the 3D era and using them in the HD era.

Yes, there are 3 universes in GTA.
2D universe (GTA1, London(s), GTA2)
3D universe (GTA3, VC, SA)
HD universe (GTA4 + DLC, GTA5)

nowitzki20042024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )


I guess then we better enjoy Trevor and co. because if thats the cas next should be the 4k universe.

edit: Im pretty sure characters from gta games have made appearances in other gta games. Not main characters but others. and they were not from the same "universe"

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BillytheBarbarian2025d ago

Just get the Xbox disc or download from xbla. Its a much cleaner experience than anything on PS2. Or grab the PC version for dirt cheap.

Shineon2024d ago

Have to disagree with ya I downloaded the remastered version and it laggy and cj's sister looks like she has a beard now.

spacedelete2024d ago

i don't see why Rockstar is so against a HD collection of the PS2 era GTA games. its will print easy money for them. i'm still mad how much they disrespected those three GTA games on their 10th anniversery by only giving mobile the HD games and then only the 360 a dirty mobile port of San andreas. GTAV just isn't the same.

iNFAMOUZ12024d ago

nah forget portables, make it for consoles, no one has portables now

AuToFiRE2024d ago

Or you know, instead of letting devs be lazy, you could just get a PC and change the textures..

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ScorpiusX2025d ago

Have any of The GTA revisited prior game charecthers before if not , why start now.

NBT912025d ago

Not main characters I don't think. But plenty of other characters have returned in different games.
I don't think it would be called San Andreas 2 anyway. And GTAV was set in San Andreas (I think?) so the next one will probably be somewhere else.

ThatOneGuyThere2025d ago

id like it to take place in a condensed europe for once. id like to laugh at europeans. Im getting bored with the american jokes.

Eamon2024d ago

As much as I'd like to see the next GTA set in London, one can never get tired of Rockstar North taking the piss out of American culture.

poor_cus_of_games2025d ago

Ya got to work with the guy from GTA 3 in GTA san andreas. I think he's called Claude.

Der_Kommandant2025d ago

I'd prefer any sort of remake of Vice City.

XXXL2025d ago

Agreed. Vice City was simply amazing.

RedDeadLB2025d ago

Not a lot to do in it, but the best story overall.

Ragthorn2025d ago

Don't forget, best music! Still listening to "Video Killed the Radio Star" and many more from the radio tracks in the game!

WeAreLegion2025d ago

Well, duh. Who thought that was real?

Iceball20002025d ago

hope the next GTA game is in Vice City!

BlackTar1872025d ago

i'm hoping for Boston or DC or like stated above a revival of London. Or Dubai now Dubai would be fun and there's a lot of activities there already that would provide a great time. Like indoor skiing and building jumping and The World island formation they built.

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