Chrono Trigger DS coming to North America

Chrono Trigger was announced earlier today, and is scheduled for a Winter, 2008 release in Japan, however Square Enix has plans to release the game in North America, as the game's official website appears in the North American domain, too.


Square Enix has officially announced Chrono Trigger will be released in North America this holiday season. According to the press release, a brand new dungeon and a Wireless Play mode will be added.

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PS360WII3764d ago

Holy cats! Chrono Tigger for the DS :)

kewlkat0073764d ago

I know, I'm getting it...3rd-favorite Jrpg of all time.

Luca Blight3764d ago

followed by...

2. Xenogears
3. Final Fantasy 6
4. Legend of Zelda LttP
5. Suikoden
6. Suikoden 2
7. Final Fantasy Tactics
8. Final Fantasy 4
9. Alundra
10. Persona

Luca Blight3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

11. Secret of Mana
12. Lufia 2
13. Shadow Hearts
14. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
15. Dragon's Quest 8
16. Dragon Force
17. Shin Megami Tensai Nocturne
18. Secret of Evermore
19. Shining the Holy Ark
20. any of the old-school NES Dragon Warriors
21. Legend of Zelda OOT
22. Makai Kingdom
23. Vandelhearts
24. Lunar: The Silver Star Story
25. Persona 3
26. Final Fantasy 5
27. Disgaea
28. Persona 2
29. Dark Stalker
30. Rogue Galaxy

ki03653764d ago

did you really just call ocarina of time a JRPG????? i feel abused

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cruckel3764d ago

If Final Fantasy 4 wasn't enough to get a DS, Chrono Trigger is more then enough.

Two of my favorite RPG's of all time. WOOT

Lucreto3764d ago

Hope if comes to Europe I never played it.

Luca Blight3764d ago

I recommend you get an SNES just to play Chrono Trigger. Yes, it's that good. I would say get an emulator but you need to experience it in all its glory on a TV (although I'm aware you can connect your computer to a television).

Lucreto3764d ago

Luca Blight himself what an honor. I am a part of the Luca Blight Army on Gamefaqs;)

I don't have a SNES but my Aunt has one but the game was never released in Europe.

Luca Blight3764d ago

Wow, that's crazy. To me, that's kind of like if Metal Gear Solid was never released in the US. Anyway, you owe it to yourself to play this game!

On another note, I was pretty psyched when this username was actually available on n4g. I love that game (as you probably figured out from the Suikoden thread we posted on yesterday)!

kewlkat0073764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I think I see it around for $90+, yeah it's one of those classics.

I bet you(if you like Jrpgs) you can play that game and forget that its a 16-bit era game, The story was good, the music was excellent, and it has different ending, I mean during the time Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana and some others were it.

I was 15 when this game hit, I so remember the commercial. But Square has been falling off, Personally.

Pornlord3764d ago

If you want to play chrono trigger, but you can't afford that D-bag trying to jack you on Ebay, just get the Final Fantasy Chronicles, it's about 20 bucks, you get FFIV and Chrono Trigger on PS1 discs. I did because I lost my chrono trigger to a yard sale :( Stupid mom and her yard sales...

Lucreto3764d ago

Thanks Pornlord for the advise but its still a problem I will have to get a US PS1 to play it. I have hope that it may appear on the PS store or wait for this game to appear on DS and order it off Ebay.

TheROsingleB3764d ago

What about a PS2? Those are probably easier to get ahold of now than a PS1.
Heck, buy FF Chronicles and just nab a PS1 emulator for the PC and run it that way, Sony isn't bringing in anymore new revenue from the PS1 hardware as it is, since most likely the only actual PS1 systems you're bound to find will be used or a refurbished model anyhow.

Lucreto3764d ago

I can't bring in a PS2 Customs are on alert for claiming VAT and they will notice a PS2 coming into the country and I will have to pay a lot more. Most online shops won't sell electronic stuff in Ireland because of the WEEE tax we have.

I can't run an emulator because my PC is on its last legs at the moment.

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Skerj3764d ago

I wonder if all the stuff that was missing from the original will make it in this one. OMG if so, this will make me shut up about Square for a while.

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