Has Pikmin 3 been Discontinued?

High prices and low availability might imply that Pikmin 3 has been discontinued.

The game was a major Wii U title when it first launched, but average sales meant that conversation quickly moved onto Mario Kart and Smash. Despite this, it still got fantastic reviews and was one of the most recommended Wii U titles for a good amount of time.

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Bronxs152030d ago

No u can get it from the eshop

3-4-52030d ago

I got it as my free game and only played like 15 minutes of it.

I really need to give it a fair chance, as the look and music were cool.

I need to be in the mood for this type of game before I commit to it though.

RosweeSon2030d ago

Yeah it's in my backlog, i traded in my physical copy when they were offering me a free digital copy ;) and it went towards my 10% wii u eshop discounts, happy days.

atticus142030d ago

I ended up loving the game, although have yet to finish (I get easily distracted for weeks/months at a time) but yeah you gotta put some time in before it gets interesting, the first hour or two is pretty much a tutorial before you get to the juicy stuff

darthv722030d ago

in this day and can prob expect to see more physical games become discontinued as they will still be available in digital form.

2030d ago
Concertoine2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I doubt it. I still regularly see new copies.

thurmite2030d ago

Looks like it's still available on Nintendo UK's store

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The story is too old to be commented.