Review: Death Skid Marks (PC) | G3AR

G3AR: "Death Skid Marks is a title unlike any other I have ever had the privilege of playing. Sure, there were many titles that required you to maneuver a vehicle at high speeds, while also creating as much carnage as possible, but none quite as elegant. This carnage could include driving over pedestrians, shooting other cars and/or their drivers, or just ramming things off the road. If this sounds familiar to you, you’ve probably had the chance to play a Grand Theft Auto title, or one of my personal favourites, Carmegeddon. Death Skid Marks, however, utilises all the things we are familiar with, and adds an extremely humorous twist to the mix. It also makes the game really challenging, and I have as of yet only managed just over two thirds of the way to the concert before dying in a ball of fire."

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