Official South African Console Sales Figures

LazyGamer via GFK writes: "GfK is one of the largest market research companies in the world and have been tracking the SA retail sales for quite some time now. They have kindly forwarded the following article to us which is purely related to the gaming consoles sales in South Africa.

The market for consoles in South Africa continues to grow despite the adverse economic climate and the overall credit crunch since the new NCA in June last year. From the scope of product categories tracked by GfK almost all of them are either flat or negative. Gaming consoles remains deep on the positive side with a volume growth of +22% YTD (compared to the same timeframe last year) and +16% in value. The lower growth rate for the value development is due to the price erosion among consoles in particular the XBox360.

One has to take into account though that the PS3 was introduced in Mar07 and the Wii in Oct07, automatically these two platforms will have higher growth rates than the previously introduced Xbox360.

The total stock in the market is a tricky question; we estimate an install base for the Xbox360 of around 65.000 units since launch which makes it the leader among the next-gen consoles. The PS3 should have approximately 40.000 units installed and leads the market on the value side. The last entrant into the console market, the Wii, has had the fasted introduction of all the next-gen platforms reaching approximately 45.000 sold units since spring last year. This would position the market in units as:"

Install base in units (next-gen only)
Xbox360 43%
Wii 30%
PS3 27%
Total 150.000 next-gen consoles

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Maverick3851d ago

I am from SA and the number one reason for the current market share is

Games in general are overlly expensive, so a modded console is the way to go.

Most of my buddies are dying for a PS3 but are waiting for a modchip, so they go the more affordable route (Xbox360 modded). Sad, Sad, Homies.