GameZone: WALL.E PSP Review

GameZone writes: "Having seen the movie before playing the game, I was most impressed by the way Wall.E moved on PSP. His animations were very close to those of the movie. But the developers didn't stop there. Since this is a video game, it is inevitable that he will die from time to time. And given the family-friendly nature of Pixar, those death sequences couldn't be anything violent. Thus, if Wall.E falls into a vat of water, you'll see an amusing scene where bubbles are shot from his body as the water begins to pour in. When zapped by an opposing robot, his body shuts down with the same kind of animations you'll see in the movie. There are others, along with a series of animated sequences that not only mirror but expand on the film's story.

Before playing a game, I normally have an idea or two in my head of how it could be great and how it could suck. There's a good one in Wall.E that I never thought of: they gave him hints of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. This is genius, and should've been obvious. Wall.E doesn't walk, he rolls. But it never came to mind."

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