Top 10 GameCube Exclusives That Deserve Sequels

Check your back catalogue, Nintendo. The Nintendo GameCube has a fantastic library of games and quite a lot of them haven't seen the light of day since. This article lists ten games and series that started and unfortunately ended on the GameCube. Therefore, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron doesn't count (since it started on Nintendo 64) and neither does Metroid Prime (since it has a sequel on Wii). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this list of long-gone but not forgotten GameCube exclusives that definitely deserve sequels.

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Stupid3092d ago

Want Baten Kaitos and Donkey Konga

Ranma13092d ago

Baten Kaitos was a decent game. But I want a true good quality sequel to Tales of Symphonia

NewMonday3092d ago

Baten Kaitos devs are making Xenoblade now
Eternal Darkness devlopers not what they used to be, lost trust with investors and gamers after Too Human and ْX-Men, they couldn fund Shadow of the Eternals, the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness

Godmars2903092d ago

Didn't Starfox Adventures make everyone say, "Never leave the Airwing?"

TheFirstClassic3092d ago

It was a good game in its own right... but not really a star fox game. So it has mixed opinions.

syne493092d ago

I see a significant lack of Gotcha Force!

higgins783092d ago

Viewtiful Joe 3 would be a peach. Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2 were a blast, the spin-off's less so - though not terrible. I'd love a true sequel to launch exclusively for the Wii U, make use of the Gamepad somehow. Eternal Darkness of course needs no mention, and a sequel I hear may be under way...*drool. Also, Wave Race (N64) was an inspiration, its sequel (Blue Storm) very good, but perhaps a step backwards from its predecessor. Now, can you imagine Wave Race U...that water, THAT water, those physics, online enabled, and all wrapped up in HD/60fps!

VideoChums3092d ago

Viewtiful Joe is an amazing series! But, they're also on PS2 so they don't really apply to this list.

higgins783092d ago

Agreed, but the series felt much more at home on the GameCube.

Ristul3092d ago

Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, but not likely as Factor 5 is no more in business.

Errefus3092d ago

Factor 5 exist but as a new company can't remember the name, they develop mobile games now but they said on an ign interview they would love to do another star wars game but probably wont happen.

Ristul3092d ago

Thanks, I did not know that. But yeah, probably no hope of Rogue Leader sequel anyhow.

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