Gamezone: WALL.E Wii Review

Gamezone writes: "Licensed projects have always been an iffy proposition. With an inevitably tight schedule, these games often feel rushed and sometimes even unfinished.

With a great film in Pixar's Wall-E as source material, one would hope for a game that in some way captures the spirit of the film. But as many games based on many movies have done before, it falls woefully short.

Now that's not to say that Wall-E is a complete train wreck of a game. It isn't. Its game design really isn't half bad. It's simple, yes, but also fairly enjoyable. One of the most utilized elements is Wall-E's ability to form cubes. Many of the game's puzzles revolve around finding and making the correct cube (standard, electric, magnetic) to pass an obstacle. This, in addition to the standard platforming and shooting sequences show that developer Heavy Metal Studios is definitely trying to make a simple and fun game."

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