GT6 Update Details (1.15)

A new update in Gran Turismo 6 gives both the Chaparral 2X AND INFINITY CONCEPT Vision Gran Turismo cars and a couple of fixes.

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Ranma12031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Are there any screenshots or videos of GT7?


I don't get this obsession with concept cars, I'd rather blip around in 90's hot hatches and get sideways in an ae86

telekineticmantis2031d ago

Well you just don't love cars, I'd love to drive through my neighborhood in that Chapparal drive up to my friends and and see their reaction, or race that beast.


I love CARS, not concepts

telekineticmantis2031d ago

Damn! The Chapparal looks great.

hay2031d ago

It's the craziest thing in racing games I've ever played with.

traumadisaster2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

This game sometimes looks astonishing, especially in replay mode. Coming from 4k pc and forza games I still visit this game.

radler2031d ago

I wonder if/when they will ever add the track creator that they promised would be coming shortly after launch? It's been over a year now...

Me-Time2031d ago

Yes, but they never said it would release "shortly after launch". And they never showed the interface for it either. I do hope that GT6 gets it soooooon.