Why Nintendo will win the E3 War

While some may oppose, I would say that last year's E3 press conference was an epic failure on Nintendo's part. Although they had some exciting news such as the revelation of Mario Kart Wii and the announcement of 32 player online for Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, the majority of the conference was spent talking about the Wii's success and how great Wii fit was. Forget about last year. Lets talk about how awesome this year's press conference will be. I would go as far to say that Nintendo will steal the show this year.

This last week has shown some surprises already for the Wii. And while we've had our fair share of guesses, at E3 we can expect more surprising announcements. Pikmin 3? Perhaps. A storage solution? Most definitely. A Zelda trailer? Highly probable.

It may sound, stumbling, but let me explain...

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Xiru3786d ago

Not a chance. The best things Nintendo could possibly show are nothing compared to the games Sony and MS are going to show. Ninty isn't worried I'm sure. They will just do it like they did last year, tease the core gamers into believing they will release something for us. Sony has this one in the bag, just like last year.

ChickeyCantor3786d ago

...uhmmm sony promised much too ya know ;).
Dont fool yourself.

mikeslemonade3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Nintendo will seem like they won because they don't annouce anything until E3 and they're so secretive about things. So techinically they win E3 but does it really matter to the gamer long term if they annouce like 2 big things? Where as Microsoft or Sony announce a few things around and during E3.

instantstupor3786d ago

It really seems like a win for anyone with a current gen system. They will each probably have a few surprises, a few games to blow us away, and (unfortunately) some gloating in some specific arena where they are dominating/innovating/leading #'s. It's amazing that everything turns into a competition these days. I know it sounds cliche, pie-in-the-sky, "why cant we be friends"-y, but we should all really just sit back and enjoy E3 for the new things coming our way that will enhance the products we love so dearly.

ChrisGTR13786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

nintendo dosent have anything to announce. they only release one game franchise per console.
zelda, check
mario, check
metroid, check
smash, check

now they just are gonna coast for the next 3 years till wii2 comes out to repeat the process
just like they did with the gamecube

meepmoopmeep3786d ago

all of nintendos big guns have been released.
i would be surprised if they win this E3.

iamtehpwn3786d ago

But they're going to have bring a LOT of new Content to really entice the Core gamer. A Headset and a harddrive is enough for Nintendo to win my personal E3.

Now of course, Sony could win my E3 too as long they have something to show of Final Fantasy related That is NOT behind a closed mega theatre =|

--Onilink--3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

if i were u, i would actually check what has happened in the past before making those statements, we had 2 zeldas on n64, 2 zeldas on GC(3 if u count the one that used GBA), 2 metroids on GC, 2 Starfox on GC, 2 Pikmin on GC, etc. So as u can see aside from mario, thats not the case. Not to mention that every new zelda game has been anounced the year after the previous one was released. So Twilight Princess released in 2007, new zelda anounced in 2008 !!!!

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Chris Hansen3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I don't care if Sony or Microsoft wins this generation, as long as one of them wins and not Nintendo. This whole gaming for soccer moms and grandparents by nintendo is putting a huge jeopardy to core gamers. Once the Wii reaches a 100 million install base, third party publishers will inevitably release their flagship franchises on the system. Ask yourself, do you really want to see games like Final Fantasy XIV, Call of Duty 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 6, Metal Gear Solid 5, and Grand Theft Auto 5 go on the Wii as opposed to PS3/360?

Bottom line: F*ck the Wii and F*ck Nintendo

Dateline NBC,
Chris Hansen

fox023786d ago

no! I'ld say fk the Wii for sure, but not fk Nintendo.
Nintendo is a great company and they still release great games; too bad their latest console is a sholveware, and the friend-code( omg don't get me started on this console)...

ChrisGTR13786d ago

as much as would like for them to win i just dont see that happening. Wii has completely gone in another direction old people ,moms, pre teens, women,dads, everyone that would of never bought a console seems to be buying one now and its only a wii. theres too many 'normal' people when compared to gamers. we just cant compete.

and its a threat to our way of gaming. MS and sony are starting to fall for it by making the gimmick wii mote ripoffs or w/e and soon we wont be playing MGS4 or gears anymore. well be playing cooking lessons with master cheif and friends.

Legend3786d ago

You all love your slopes slippery, eh?

Rute3786d ago

"Chris Hansen" said the following:
"This whole gaming for soccer moms and grandparents by nintendo is putting a huge jeopardy to core gamers. Once the Wii reaches a 100 million install base, third party publishers will inevitably release their flagship franchises on the system."

If the flagship franchises are meant mainly for core gamers, then why would they release it on a more casual oriented system, which you say Wii is?

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pwnsause3786d ago

nintendo will release the same types of games that the core audience like(Mario,Starfox,Pikmin,Poke mon,etc.) with a twist(motion Controls). Dont be surprised if they announce a sequel to wii sports. Their main audience now is the casual audience.

360 man3786d ago

please dont make me laugh

Closing3786d ago

All my respect for the big N went out the door with the wii. They were cutting it close with the past few systems, but this was the last straw, and boy did they run with it.

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