One Small Tweak Turns The Crew Into A Fun Game

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"The Crew is something that I wasn't all too excited for. I thought it was a neat idea, but it never really captivated me. Less than a week ago I stumbled upon some extra trade in credit at GameStop and decided to give Ubisoft's racing game a spin. When I played the game, I noticed the gripes people were talking about, but the biggest thing that bugged me was how loose the steering felt. Was there way to fix this problem, or did The Crew spin out of control? Let's take a look!"

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uth112026d ago

too many people don't know this- then deleted the beta and gave up on the game. It would be great if the game told you about the settings when you start. Maybe have a trainer to help you tune the settings to your driving style.

NinjaRichParty2026d ago

Oh I totally agree. I think if in a tutorial the game helped you set up things like that and explained them to the player, many would have been much easier on it.

It's a fun game, but people were just so quick to push it to the side. It's not perfect, but it's not as bad as some say.

Omegasyde2026d ago

The lack of detail in the cars in traffic was a major deal breaker. Great car assortment imho.

Iceball20002026d ago

First thing I do with any game before even playing it, is I get into the settings. Lot of the times you find little tidbit of neat things and a lot of the time settings that improve the over all experience. (Video, Audio, Gameplay, ect.)

NinjaRichParty2026d ago

I always get nervous tweaking things in a driving game. As someone who has no idea what I'm doing control wise in them, I try to stay away from the settings. Haha.

This time it was different though. I could feel something just wasn't right.

Maca802026d ago

You using a steering wheel or controller

NinjaRichParty2025d ago

Controller. People have told me its a bit better with a steering wheel, but nothing to write home about.

Viryu2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Well, it would have definitely helped me. I seldom played driving games, and when I gave the beta a try, I uninstalled it after less than an hour. The driving just felt... wrong.