Go Explore now available in EUR

The long awaited GPS System for the Sony PSP, GO Explore, is now available in Europe and comes in three different packages : 119,99 euros, 149,99 euros or 299,99 euros.

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PoSTedUP3762d ago

damn son. hope it comes to the US.

Minimee3762d ago

nice idea, but too expensive though... i'd rather buy a real GPS for 149,99€...:/

PoSTedUP3761d ago

oh this is bettter than the 400$ gps's dog no lie. my dads got a 350$ one and its better than his.

Puggsy3762d ago

Minimme, the price is good, because it's real big GPS.
It's not a first price GPS sold in all stores.
I think theres a lot of things we can do with it.
i'am on it!

HULSE123761d ago

This product sounds great- one small question, can you access your music and play it whilst using the gps sat nav on the go?

Tunerboy87323761d ago

Theyve been talking about it since the PSP came out.I'll be glad when it comes to the US so I can buy it.

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