Sci-Fi Bollywood Flick to have an MMO

The Angry Pixel writes: "Back in May, we got an early glimpse of some less-than-riveting screens of LoveStory 2050 for the PC, the official game based on the upcoming sci-fi film that unapologetically 'borrows' as many flicks as Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer can do with Hollywood blockbusters in a few months time (minus the near-existent humor). Then Sanjit Daniel, CEO of Rocking Pixels and 2050's developer, pops in and slaps us with a large cartoon trout with 'Engine Tests!' written all over it. He also promised we'd be seeing some real info in about 'two weeks time', but that was nearly a month ago. Fast forward to today, and now we're hearing talks of a massively multiplayer online game, backed up by Indian gaming portal Zapak. A sphincter says what?!"

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