No marketing = no sales #1

Looking at the title "No marketing =no sales" you can see the obvious point that no matter how good a games, no matter how much it cost to develop and no matter how much work went into it there will be precisely zero sales without some form of marketing.

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resistance1003758d ago

Not true, if you just release the game people could pick it up out of curioisty, however expect low sales

Bruceongames3758d ago

Without any form of marketing the game wouldn't be in a shop or online to be picked. So no matter how many people were infinitely curious the sales would still be zero.
Even a developer telling his friends and family what he is working on is marketing, the most powerful kind - word of mouth.

titntin3758d ago

Another submission from a man desperate to get hits on his own website. Can't we stop this 'hit fishing' submission rubbish?


I despise the pseudo-intellectual clap trap you dispense with an attitude that plainly shows how clever you believe you are. Your utter arrogance is a trait I've noticed with most people who worked in marketing for the big companies. I've been a developer for a long long time, and you espouse everything that most developers feel for marketing.

You have submitted and published some of the worst BS opinions I have ever had the displeasure of reading.
Your strategy is clear in fact to anyone with any insight:
Come up with any contentious opinion, the more contentious the better, then piddle out some superfluous pseudo-intellectual claptrap to try and support your ridiculous assertions, submit your rubbish to sites such as this, then sit back and watch the hits roll in. No doubt you think its clever. Unfortunately, with the modern day propensity of people to behave like sheep and do exactly what they are told, your strategy will work brilliantly, as few have the wit to see beyond their own noses, never mind recognize when they are being so blatantly manipulated.
That doesn't stop those of us who see right through you utterly despising your brand of 'made for hits' journalism. Maybe you see yourself as the gaming journalists equivalent to the shock jock? Or maybe you actually swallow your own BS - most marketeers I've met think they're cool....

Bruceongames3758d ago

Why don't you try writing a blog article every single day with original content that people want to read? Because you can't. And your envy shows.

Your whole rant contains no facts or examples. It is just a collection of generalised claims and insults. Presumably you disagree with something I have said but are unable to argue coherently on the subject and so are resorting to a tirade of abuse from a position of anononymity. How big and brave of you.

My blog is read by many top executives and top journalists in the gaming industry who take the RSS feed. I know this because quite a few of them have told me so. Now how many key people in the industry listen to what you have got to say?

And something you may have missed, when I can't be bothered posting my articles on here other people do it instead. In fact that is how I first found N4G, from getting traffic after someone else had posted my blog here.

Oh yes, and what I write isn't pseudo intellectual. I write in the simplest, clearest language consistent with what I am trying to communicate so as to be able to reach the widest possible audience. You could improve your communication skills enormously by following my example.

Keowrath3758d ago

Whole heartedly agree with your edit Tintin.


thomfilm3758d ago


Put that in your pipe and smoke it establishment!

titntin3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Touched a nerve Brucey?

The self-important comments in your reply only serve to highlight the very traits I point out!

"Now how many key people in the industry listen to what you have got to say?"
As of today - not too many. I left the intensive development scene for a quieter life, and now develop on freelance contracts. But over the last 16 years I have had the ear of, and shared many a pint with, some of the very biggest movers and shakers in the industry, top dogs from Sony, Microsoft, and E.A. as well as many many others. They didn't just read one of my essays, we talked game ideas, future development directions, state of the industry, game design fundamentals and many other subjects. In addition to the 'movers and shakers' I have a worked with literally hundreds of key core development staff in all sorts of situations and been privileged to discuss and debate the games business with with some of the most talented people who actually make it happen.

Tell me Brucey, how many AAA game titles can you claim to have had a creative involvement with? By creative of course, I mean something to do with the actual game - not the marketing of it! I can count plenty on my CV, together with a whole host of smaller titles.

"Your whole rant contains no facts or examples"
I have tried actually submitting a reasoned and passionately argued rebuttal of one of your views on your own site. I was even nice about it! It obviously made too much sense though as you didn't allow it to show in your comments section.

Superfragilistic3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I knew tintin and Bruce were not fans of each other, but that little tit for tat between you two is the best representation of why creatives and suits don't get along. You think differently and come from entirely different perspectives.

I don't always agree with you Bruce, nor tintin.

But I'm a great admirer of tintin's work with Bullfrog and EA, amongst others, and hold similar regard for Bruce's work at Codemasters.

As such I don't have to agree, but I do find both your positions have value in informing me how the other side thinks.

That out of the way...

I enjoyed the brief read and think it's quite funny that you predicted the Minority Report motion controls for the 360 two months ago , and I particularly admire your efforts to put Leamington, Warwickshire on the map.

However, I do have to pick a bone about your titles, particularly the Sony one running at the moment. That article actually had some fairly reasonable points in it, particularly how Sony has strayed from their winning, cost efficient PS2 formula and missed the "casual" opportunity presented to them before the Wii. But the title is horrible and entirely misleading. Fix the titles and I'm sure your long term readership will far exceed those short term traffic hits.

Best Regards to both tintin and Bruce.


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thomfilm3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I think the biggest misconception among the everyday consumer is that marketing means the same thing as advertising - rather than advertising being just one tool that the marketer uses to deliver a product to consumers. Its a shame when some people let all the stigma and stereotypes that surround marketing cloud their vision (something about seeing past their nose) and prevent them from seeing that marketing is a process that makes things possible, rather than some kind of corporate conspiracy.

ChrisGTR13758d ago

well it works both ways. sometimes people are marketing and for no reason at all. for example the ads on this site. the ones with some indian kid with a messed up lip. im shure 14-30 year old gamers arent interested in donating money. they should put something like that on CNN or seespan? something for old people lol

thomfilm3758d ago

The problem with advertising on web sites is that ads are often placed by databases, little if no thought goes into it. Sometimes adverts that do not fit with the site will slip through the net.

Isaac3758d ago

A fan of N4G now? Good. Just one advice, try doing some research before everything you write. This article looks different, the last one about Sony ruining the industry (in spite of making gaming cool again and satisfying every gaming niche out there and being INCLUSIVE to both the harcore and casuals) was pure flamebait.

Keep up the good work, stop the flamebait, otherwise you will come up as if you had a hidden agenda.

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