PlayStation 4 Sales Top 16M Worldwide, Over 60M Games Sold at Retail

VGChartz Writes: "Sony's 8th generation home console, the PlayStation 4, has hit two more milestones during Black Friday week. The PlayStation 4 has now sold more than 16 million units worldwide and more than 60 million games.

The PlayStation 4 sold 1,193,346 for the week ending November 29, 2014. That brings lifetime sales to 16,146,005 units, according to VGChartz. There has also been more than 61.8 million games sold for the Xbox One at retail."

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cellode2036d ago

Excellent numbers! Great job Sony!

trunkswd2036d ago

Sony has done a great job this gen since the beginning.

Abash2036d ago

I see The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne taking PS4 sales to 20 million by the end of Q1 2015

DeadlyOreo2036d ago

The Order and Bloodborne are going to get Sony a hell of a lot of PS4 sales. It's going to be crazy when those drop.

Congratulations Sony, fantastic console. Thoroughly deserved.

LOL_WUT2036d ago

Wow the Playstation brand is on a roll congrats to Sony their studios and everyone else who was on board! Keep up the good work ;)

nicksetzer12036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Over 15 mil in one year is simply astonishing. I'm not one to squabble over sales, but anyone not impressed by that figure is lying. I expect some insane dev support with an install base that large.

And 4 games per console os also just impeccable, especially this early on.

chrismichaels042036d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s incredible worldwide success. I'm looking forward to many more great years with the PlayStation brand. 2015 is already shaping up to be an even bigger year for PS4 starting with The Order 1886, Bloodborne and MLB15 The Show all launching in February and March.

2035d ago
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Blaze9292036d ago

no one calling out the fact that it's coming from VG Chartz this time?

Majin-vegeta2036d ago

You're right.We know VG always undertracks Sony.So Sony is past the 16 mil and maybe are around 16.2 or 16.3

Bathyj2036d ago

Theres no need to. Some Xbox fanboy always shows up to do it.

shinrock2035d ago

Of corse not. Why would they when it's in their favor?

Yahdaree2035d ago

I am digging what Sony is doing lately. I won't lie I'm a fan of Sony and its nice to see them playing the PR game correctly, it can be very fickle. Hopefully we get some more games in 2015 from the 1st and 2nd party studios.

TheRedButterfly2035d ago

Odd... since Shawn Layden used the 13.5 million (shipped) figure as of Nov. 15...

Are we all taking VGChartz word that, in the past month, sony has not only shipped but SOLD another 2.7 million consoles?

Ha, okay...

mediate-this2035d ago

I agree it makes zero sense

Kidmyst2035d ago

Did I miss something, the author says 2 milestones for Sony but one was game sales for Xbox? This is from the article:

"The PlayStation 4 sold 1,193,346 for the week ending November 29, 2014. That brings lifetime sales to 16,146,005 units, according to VGChartz. There has also been more than 61.8 million games sold for the Xbox One at retail.

These new milestones are up from just a week prior when the console hit 15 million units sold worldwide. The console has a shot of hitting 20 million units sold by the end of the year."

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Relientk772036d ago

That's very impressive! Selling over 16 million units in just over a year.

trunkswd2036d ago

Yeah really amazing numbers. It has a chance of hitting 20 million by year end.

KiwiViper852036d ago

4 million Console sales in a month? Really?

GribbleGrunger2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

3 million. The sales will be around 17 million right now because VGC has undertracked the PS4 by about 200k and their numbers are from the 29th November. 20 million is within the realms of possibility.

uth112036d ago

I don't know about undertracking, but the data they're reporting is two weeks old.

Brazz2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

20 million is just too much, possible, but very unlike... anyway, i'm calling 18.5 million consoles in 2014 considering that VGC is outdated by 2 weeks and they are undertracking Ps4, i guess right now Ps4 is at 17.5 millions or so.

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Snookies122036d ago

I contributed to that a few days ago, lol.

Snookies122036d ago

I'm just a little late getting into the game, but I'm loving the system so far.

Muigi2036d ago

i like your avatar...Seventh Hokage.

Snookies122036d ago

Thanks, gotta show some respect since the series ended not too long ago, hah. Sora's always an awesome choice as well. :]

WeAreLegion2036d ago

That's excellent, but that was over two weeks ago. It's probably much higher now.

Gamer19822035d ago

Hmm I don't know not many consoles get sold in December contrary to what you might think. November is the big month for console sales thanks to big releases and people getting those big purchases done and out the way rather than leaving them until last minutes. I mean look at release list for December. Bare.. There's a reason for that. People like to buy food and beer this month rather than games lol.

ThatOneGuyThere2035d ago

while i agree that its not as fast, theres still a lot of buying going on. december is still seemingly more active than say, march.

ABizzel12036d ago

They'll make it before then, they should be around 19m by end of the year.

PS4isKing_822036d ago

22 million by March I'd say. Factoring in income tax refunds and two big games in Q1.