On Final Fantasy VII and Price Gouging

Technology Tell writes, "Why the price jump for Final Fantasy VII? I went above and beyond to find out exactly why the price will be increased. You’ll be surprised to know that a lot more goes into making a PS4 game than a Steam release. They use the tears of a unicorn to help smooth special pieces of uluru, the mystical rock of Australia. Of course, in order to collect those pieces, they have to use Sauron’s mace to break them off."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2025d ago

No one except the most die had fans of FF7 are going to buy this game for 16 bucks. The execs at Square Enix must be smoking crack and sniffing bath salts. They have lost their minds.

pasta_spice2025d ago

Yeah it's ridiculous to charge that much for a game that is 15 years old. It is a great game but it shouldn't be more than $5 nowadays.