Tales Of Zestiria Sengoku Basara 4 Collaboration Content Confirmed, New Costumes Revealed

Tales Of Zestiria, the new entry of the series launching in a little more than a month in Japan on PlayStation 3, is going to receive some Sengoku Basara 4 collaboration content, Famitsu confirmed in its latest issue. Other costumes have also been confirmed

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NewMonday2037d ago

probably my last game on PS3

Relientk772037d ago

Same here. Don't plan on buying any others after this

kingdomtriggers2036d ago

Please buy this game people! lol.

NewMonday2036d ago

forgot its also releasing in the summer

Knightofelemia2037d ago

Summer next year is not coming quick enough.

starcatcher2036d ago

You think they'll port it to ps4?

hkgamer2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )


just seems like jrpg devs are holding bk on this generation until more are sold in japan. icould be wrong, but it looks like ps4 has no jrpg announced yet (apart from ffxv).

Inception2036d ago

"it looks like ps4 has no jrpg announced yet (apart from ffxv)"

Come on mate, did you skip all announcement of this JRPG?

- Disgaea 5
- Natural Doctrine
- Omega Quintet
- FF Type-0 HD
- FF X/X-2 HD
- Persona 5
- Ys 8
- one unannouced title from Falcom
- Deep Down
- Dragon Quest Heroes

hkgamer2036d ago

lol... damnit, made me look stupid.

i just totally forgot about all those games. wouldnt really count disgaea5 as jrpg though. isnt that more srpg? i dunno i dont play it.

anyway, i was trying to think back at tgs and all i remembered was vita game announcements with lots of visual novels and male dating sims.

anyway, good list. gonna google them to see what they are.

ThePsychoGamer2036d ago

Don't forget Neptunia Victory 2 and Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force

hkgamer2036d ago

is anyone sick of these collaborations or crossovers?

come on japan, you are the whackiest country around. be more creative like before and give us proper stuff

starcatcher2036d ago

Like resonance of fate! Love love love it! Will they ever make another one...