Amazon Selling PS4 Bundle With 2 Games & PlayStation Camera for $399.99

This PS4 deal isn't half bad.

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dbjj120882024d ago

I still don't have a camera for my PS4. Don't know if it'll ever be worth it.

ThatOneGuyThere2024d ago

morpheus will make it worth it, if nothing else

traumadisaster2024d ago

I do want to try morph and ps4, but for tlos and drive club not quite enough.

Heck I'm still exploring gt6, the forzas', grid2 pc4k, tdu2 pc4k. I love racing but it's not worth paying $200 per game, and I already beat tlos.

Rimeskeem2024d ago

I have one and from my point of view, it's very cool and I use it foR voice commands and such

ThatOneGuyThere2024d ago

any headset will work for voice commands. but yeah, then you have to plug in a headset.

Angeljuice2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I'm in the same boat, maybe when Morpheus arrives.

kneon2024d ago

Kids love the playroom and that's all I bought it for. I don't use voice commands and don't stream.

fermcr2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

"Amazon Selling PS4 Bundle With 2 Games & PlayStation Camera for $399.99"

I'm going to play the devils advocate.
Sony is taking a huge loss with this bundle, by offering 2 free games and a free camera.

dragon822024d ago

More like Amazon is taking a huge loss with this bundle.

C-H-E-F2024d ago

Uhhh I use it for twitch in that aspect it's worth it. If you're using it for gaming idk what game uses it to it's full potential uhm war thunder uses it for head tracking. I love it, and this deal is really good for those who haven't purchased a ps4 yet. I was a launch purchaser so yeah I know I screwed myself out of deals but I'm ok with that. The wait is worst than not getting a deal through my eyes lOl.

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DougLord2024d ago

Wow Sony getting desperate.

RAWSTA2024d ago

They did drop the ball with all that momentum they have.

Lulz_Boat2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

yup, desperate cuz it win 11 months in a row.

Hello, Mr XBot.

Dread2024d ago


remember only MS is desperate, if its Sony then its just a good deal.


BlissSeeker2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

If you can't grasp the difference then shut up

ger23962024d ago

This is on sale at amazon not at the Sony store.

Muzikguy2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Lmao what?! There's one amazing bundle on Amazon for the PS4 and now they're al of a sudden desperate. Trolls will be trolls I suppose. Sit back and think about what exactly MS had to do just to "win" November. I can't even begin to....

No I didn't sense the sarcasm in Doug's post. Now that I look back though, I can kinda see it lol

I believe the "desperate" part comes from being behind. Sony in that case wouldn't be desperate because they're not "behind" so to speak. Also, they've yet to drop the console's price of their console.

marlinfan102024d ago

you didnt catch his sarcasm? its clearly a shot at the people that went crazy over a xbox bundle earlier today.

BlackTar1872024d ago


Yes and for good reason. It's almost mind numbing to think that you guys are prentending that the price drops and bundles were in no way tied to them losing almost the entire year to the competetior.

When you're losing every month and you do stuff to get sales That's the definition on desperate ( i actually don't like the word desperate it's a bit strong)

I love the fact that in that same article people like you would say well was ps3 desperate as if to have some type of hypocrisy point and mostly everyone was like yep they were desperate. total blow up to your point it was hilarious.

Nothing wrong with being desperate if it pays off in the end which is what you guys need to understand.

Muzikguy2024d ago

My dang edit messed up, and now I can't fix it. Oh well...

He wasn't being sarcastic I've seen his posts. Lately they're bragging about undercutting Sony on price of the console and all the games. I understand price wars and all but the way MS is going about it seems bad for business and the industry IMO. Who cares if you sell 2 million copies of a game at $20. Could've sold 1 million at $60. They weren't selling, so they had to do something. Doesn't say much about your product. Anyway, it just seems like it's going to hurt the industry more in the long run. And that's my take on their aggressive undercuts. His other posts are constantly calling out "Sony ponies" and such. No sarcasm


Agree +1

marlinfan102024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )


what are you even talking about? of course its about MS being desperate, what else would it be about? and when did i ever say it wasn't about that? the article you're referring to i even said sonys had all the momentum and that a price cut alone wouldnt be enough for xbox right now.

my point in bringing up ps3 was to show the hysteric sony fanboys in the comment section that sometimes drastic measures need to be taken, just like MS is doing now, and just like sony had to do at the start of last gen. you guys get so defensive thinking I'm trashing sony that you can't even comprehend what I'm saying.

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imuze2024d ago

sold over 15mil and desperate? its Amazon who's selling not Sony. lol

SmokingMonkey2024d ago

Desperate would be lowering the price AND adding games and accessories.

Desperate is when you announce a console at E3 and then "flip the switch" (which was supposed to be un-switchable.)

But nice try guys!

dragon822024d ago

It was strange how they said that and then did the opposite. Also they said the Xbox One wouldn't function properly without Kinect yet here we are. It seems like they didn't even think about stuff before they said it back then. At least they are getting a little better about things now.

SniperControl2024d ago

You do realise, this deal is not sanctioned by Sony, this is a retailer deal. Sony still sold the console to the retailer at full price, it's up to the retailer what they set the RRP at.

Evolve2024d ago

They are... Just to make it 20 million.

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chasegarcia2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I bought PS Camera at launch @ original price. Sony does not support it like Microsoft does Kinect. So far it has nothing going for it. The commands don't work within apps and only 1 game was released for it. It is only good for Ustream and Twitch. Nonetheless, this is a much better deal than when I bought the console.

Muzikguy2024d ago

You don't have to worry about the camera getting supported like Kinect. MS has effectively killed that off on their own. I can see the camera getting more support in the future. Plus there's Morpheus. I bet the numbers are pretty good for the PS camera. I know I want one.

This is an awesome deal for the PS4. Best one I've seen so far! I'd definitely buy the system if I didn't already have it. Can't complain though. I've been having a blast with the Last of Us remastered, GTAV, the Evil Within, and Alien Isolation

hkgamer2024d ago

im just surprised that there are ps4's available. shouldnt consoles be kinda sold out around this period?

Angeljuice2024d ago

I'm sure both MS and Sony have plenty set aside for Christmas. Microsoft haven't even sold all those 10 million they shipped yet after all.

snookiegamer2024d ago

It's kinda cool if you wanna broadcast and stuff. But if not, the Camera is wasted on this bundle IMO.

Good price though ;)

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