Resistance 2 vs Gears Of War 2

The two heavyweight first party titles from Sony and Microsoft are slated for a November 2008 retail barrage. Details have already been released and the battle lines drawn. We all know games sell consoles, so the winner between the two could help decide the winner of the christmas sales period. To help you decide, this article includes the known features and latest gameplay video of Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2. Ding Ding!

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power of Green 3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Both these games are not even AAA's one was bundled to get where it is. One is loved and the other hyped as being loved.

These games are not even in the same ballpark one of them reminds me of a cheap Huxley.

dktxx23764d ago

Ya I know Resistance is blowing Gears out of the park.

crck3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

That was Motorstorm. Ignorance really is bliss. BTW Resistance was a launch title and managed to sell almost 3 million copies. Name a 360 launch title that hit that number. What did Perfect Dark Zero do? About 500k?

But I do believe Gears 2 will sell better. More shooting fans on 360 plus PS3 owners will have to choose between Resistance 2, Socom: Confrontation, Motorstorm 2 and Littlebigplanet all releasing within a 2 month time frame.

TayTayShaniqua3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

The problem for Gears of War 2 is most of the diehard Xbox fan reviewers like:

at 1Up have been fired.

Also, no one is falling for the absurdly fake Epic Unreal Engine 3 screenshot crap this time. Microsoft will most likely still manage to land good scores for the game by sending out more 1000 dollar 'gift bags' to reviewers like they had to for Halo 3.

Dark General3764d ago

Is over rated. Yes it's a launch title but it was still only a bit above average. R2 looks MUCH better i must admit and it doesn't seem as dull as the original Resistance which i like. But i think it's pretty safe to say that both of these games will be awesome. The gamers win, this year has been really good with GTA4 and MGS4 already coming out. Not to mention Fallout 3, Gears 2 and R2 coming out later this year. I think we all win this year.

mistertwoturbo3764d ago

"Microsoft will most likely still manage to land good scores for the game by sending out more 1000 dollar 'gift bags' to reviewers like they had to for Halo 3."

Glad I'm not the only one who remembered that. Reviewers should not receive free crap just because they're reviewers.

xg-ei8ht3764d ago

Other then the bumpmapped textures of gears(texture streaming), what was so good about the game, answer: Nothing.

I played gears on pc,highrez better textures,etc. It looked better then the 360 version, but other then the graphics, there wasn't much too it.

It is nowhere near as good a game as Resistance Fall Of Man.

Resistance - Much more going on per scene.

Graphics - Some high quality textures, some not so high, but the game did not use texture streaming.

Weapons - Gears, you mainly use 1-2 weapons all game. Resistance, there are so many with so many uses. Online, Gears intense, but small games. Resistance large scale carnage.

I'd score like this.

Graphics - Gears 10 - Resistance 8
Gameplay - Gears 8 - Resistance 10
Sound - Gears 9 Resistance 10
Weapons Gears 8 Resistance 10
Online Gears 8 Resistance 10


Resistance - 48
Gears - 43

Thats why Resistance has sold so well for a launch game.

I'm seeing a pattern here.

R2 For the win.

littletad3764d ago

What your referring to. But I simply disagree.

LaChance3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

threads for both games its pretty obvious that even PS3 gamers prefer and are more impressed an excited for Geow2 than they are for Res2

Geow 2 = 600 posts for 1st trailer :

Res 2 = 160 posts for the 1st trailer :

Even on a 90% Sony fanboy sute Geow2 1st trailer completely EXPLOSED Res 2 1st tralier.

The Sony fanboys acting like they think Res 2 can even stand a chance against Geow2 are just in complete denial and probably feel forced to do so because know for sure that Res 2 cant even come close to Geow 2.

To me its like comparing Need for Speed(Res 2) and Forza(geow2)

BTW its pretty obvious that if Res 2 was a PC title or 360 title theis game would be getting near to 0 hype.

Im not saying Res 2 is a bad game but PLEEAZZZE stop acting like you guys actually believe it has a chance of going at Geow 2.You just saying that because you are Sony fanboys , that means you close you eyes , dont take in account facts and praise as the BEST anything coming from Sony.

I understand that some people can prefer Res 2 and they bring up pretty good arguments as to why in the personal taste they prefer Res.

But all the others (99,99%) are just jealous and blind and know that Res 2 aint touching Geow2.

@littletad below : dont get me wrong Im not dissing Sony fanboys in general , Im talking about in geow2 cas precisely.Of course 360 fanboys would probably de the same with another game (we'll probably being some people 360 fans do the same for Splinter Cell vs MGS4).Of cousre alot of people prefer Splinet cell to MGS4 but Im retty sure the majority would prefer seeing MGS4 rather than Splinter Cell.

littletad3764d ago

Don't be too naive, I'm sure there is quite a few who will agree with you that this site contains too many fanboys on Sony's side, but there are also some well rounded people around here. Siellak and Jinxstar to name a few. Also most of the xbox fanboys are just as worse, so it's simply a matter of ratio's. It's silly to complain when you can simply ignore someone's over excessive behavior for a platform.

NO_PUDding3764d ago

And what percentage of that 600 would you say were trolls?

I am serious, I check it out, and I am not a fan of Gears of War.

Monchichi0253764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I still continue to laugh at some of the delusional people in here! Want to know the cold hard FACTS:

Gears of War was BY FAR the GAME OF THE YEAR in 2006. Resistance was never even Nominated or even considered. This was not decided by fanboys. This was decided on by videogame professionals who's job is to see great games when they play them.

YES,Resistance was bundled in. Not here in the U.S., but in Europe. This of course inflated it's sales numbers considerably. Yet Gears still blew it out the water in terms of sales figures.

Yes, Resistance was a launch title. but a launch title with no competition. Can anyone name me one game worth buying within the first 4 months besides Resistance for the PS3?

So anyone who dreams of Resistance being better is only going on fanboy hopes alone. Gears fans actually have FACTS to back up there arguements.

Enigma_20993764d ago

Yeah, yeah you are dissing them... you can see it in your post...

90% SONY fanboy site? Where the heck have you been? Cause it certainly hasn't been here.

Monchichi0253764d ago

YES this site is overwhelmingly littered with Sony Fanboys. Need proof, just look at all the agree - disagrees on comments all over this site. Even above. It is always majority pro-Sony even on dumb comments. Like comment 1.1 above. "Ya I know Resistance is blowing Gears out of the park." LMAO!!!! Seriously??? What Actual Proof is there to back that up? LOL At least Xbox fans have actual numbers and trends to back up there claims. Now look at the agrees vs disagrees.

Enigma_20993764d ago

cause I sure as hell haven't seen it... and you're basing your opinion on the number of agrees/disagrees... while I'm talking about the constant submission of ANTI-SONY news articles that seem to find their way frequently to this site...

littletad3764d ago

What Anti-sony articles are you referring to? Cause I myself haven't seen them. And the agrees/disagrees are not the most critical reasons to call this site fanboyish, but it's still disturbing nonetheless. Even more so that you claim you "Haven't seen it".

Enigma_20993764d ago

or you can just read the countless articles that b!tched about MGS IV load times, HAZE or the like... I'd find more, but I got things to do... you understand...

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TrevorPhillips3764d ago

Resistance 2 is better then Gears of War 2

power of Green 3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Heard it all before about both of the first games.

2 weeks.

R2 is just a URT3 type game with nothing more to offer than increased co-op frag gamplay and standard frag mulitplayer. It is nothing great it should not be compared to GoW2; Huxley will blow it out of the water(if you wan't to throw numbers around and game types as if thats a full proof way of claiming a game is good).

Rock Bottom3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

GeOW will have a better single player, bur R2 wins in multiplayer mode...

R1's multi was better than that of gears, and R2's looks much more improved, while gears 2 multiplayer looks more of the same.

Enigma_20993763d ago

You do of course know that Gears of War isn't all that original either, right? Research a PS2 game called Kill Switch, then get back to us....

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badboy8083764d ago

Resistance has 2 compaigns and 60 player online 8 player co-op and the list goes on.

Odion3764d ago

actually it stops right there lol

PoSTedUP3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

yea badboy, 360 couldnt play a game like resistance1, or 2 wen it coms out. theirs just too many things happening on screen for the 360 to handle. the dynamics are just too good to be true. cant wait. but gears2 is gunna be badass. cant wait for it to come to pc : D

@3.1- only a duchebag would laugh at himself : O

GiantEnemyCrab3764d ago

[email protected]! I couldn't stop laughing after that.

Those 2 points better carry this game a looong way. I just wonder what game is being played more online these days R1 or Gears? Hrmm.. I think we know the answer to that one and didn't the first Resistance have like 20 or 40 players online?

PoSTedUP3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

well im pretty sure no1 knows the answer to that. yea it did have like 40 players online. your point? o wait... your one of those fanboys right? the ones who just talk alot of nonsense with out knowing anything? right?

@ timmy- not ground breaking? dont make me laugh.

@ chrisGTR 9.2- can you answer my question? cuz i dont care what your talking about. ok. answer my question dog..

psiom3764d ago

Resistance1 still has bucketloads of players.

Is it mandatory to constantly pull idiotic drivel out of your arse when you own a 360?

timmyrulz3764d ago

Dont forget the 300 feet monsters...................RFO M2 will just be another generic shooter in the same mould as Frontlines, a good game but not groundbreaking...

agentace3764d ago

do you know why there are more people still playing GEOW than R1, its because 360 has nothing else good to play, 360 may have more games but most of them are crap while ps3 has less games but has more better games

NO_PUDding3764d ago


I'd actually prefer the quantity. Lucky the PS3 is getting more and more titles each day. And the quality titles (apparently) are coming to PS3. E.g Bioshock.

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The gaming GOD3764d ago

I have both systems so I'll have both anyway. But if anyone asks my what I'd prefer, I'd choose resistance 2.

Sorry fellas, but that 8 player co op and 60 multiplayer action is just TOO good to pass up

crimsonfox3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

cant wait for both

i wonder if the curb stomps are the same two for both sides

i want the original too

resistance is gonna be badass i wonder what new weapons we will get

i just noticed the stories picture