Has Destiny Broken the Standards of Development?

If there’s one thing that Destiny has been great at since its development, it would be generating discussion through many of Bungie’s questionable decisions. With the near instantaneous promise of DLC and Destiny 2 in the future, Bungie has forgotten what they do best – making a lasting impact on players.

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WizzroSupreme2030d ago

I'll admit that the beta – which is all I played of it – left me wanting a lot more. The story was nebulously nebulous, the classes felt lacking, and the worlds confining. The online multiplayer took too much of a focus as opposed to Halo's dedication to storytelling and shoot 'em ups with your friends.

I couldn't feel too ways about the universe Bungie crafted; it felt more like a Call of Duty in space matchmaking vaguely different gun types than it did epic warriors on a space quest.

That said, I'll give credit where credit's due for something more developers didn't have this year: a smooth, functioning game. The alpha/beta testing was marketing 101 to get folks jazzed for the game and it definitely seemed to keep things as smooth as a World of Warcraft on launch day from what I hear.

Now make a game that'll burn itself in my memory.

thekhurg2030d ago

People's expectations of this game are way off. People don't play MMOs for the story, they play for the group content and community.

Destiny has that.

Blues Cowboy2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

But Destiny is not an MMO. With respect, I'm getting surprised at so many people defending it as such. Beyond a few guardians dancing in the tower, there's nothing "massive" (remember, the first M stands for Massively) about Destiny at all - 6 player raids? Conventional 12-player MP? Occasionally bumping into a randomer and not having the emotes to communicate properly?

Destiny is a shooter with always-online DRM. IMO it deserves to be held up to the same standards - story, characters, world-building, the lot.

EDIT: Thanks to Cobra951 for pointing out an errata! :D

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pompombrum2030d ago

People play MMOs for various reasons however Destiny is severely lacking in both content and community. Granted the community is actually good but there is a woeful lack of social features in game, for an MMO (if you want to call it that) it's unacceptable. Now the content is arguably Destiny's biggest problem next to it's storytelling, lack of content plus the repetition is what has really crippled it imho. For a game years in the making and supposedly AAA quality with a budget of half a billion, the game is severely lacking in content and even more so on the Xbox platform.

Darkwatchman2030d ago

Bungie constantly sold Destiny on its story and it didn't deliver

Blues Cowboy2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

@Cobra951: Whoops, I've updated my comment. Thanks!

On topic: I'd also like to point out that most MMORPGs handle loot, progression and even story in much more satisfying and meaningful ways. Comparing Destiny to other MMOs actually makes it look worse, not better.

admiralvic2030d ago

"they play for the group content and community.

Destiny has that."

A lot of people play MMOs for the "post game" experience, which is arguably* Destiny's most lacking aspect. The first problem is that the "story" or should I say campaign (?), shows you literally everything Destiny has to offer besides the raid. Once you complete everything, you just need to level up to 28 or less if you get a good team / someone carries you and then you've done it all.

Even the new DLC adds very little in regards to what to do. There is a new strike (2 if you count the PS one), which is widely disliked and three story stages (four if you count the urn), though only two of them are replayable. From here, you just have the raid to play each week to get all your content / value, though a good group can do the raid in under an hour.

In fact, this morning when the game reset I made a team with my friends, something I rarely do because we're not usually up at the same time to do the raid / nightfall. With almost no planning or teamwork (one of our players was deaf, so that person was just going off instinct and did amazing well all things considered) and we were able to beat the raid twice, get the first chest three times and beat all three nightfalls in the span of three hours. You know what the biggest problem we had? We were all trying to rush everything. No one was trying to time Crota, we just saw the sword guy and blew him away (half the time Crota wasn't in position) followed by us knocking Crota down (half the time we would only get one or two hits in) and we still won quickly. This is a little disappointing for an MMO like game and expansion, especially one that costs $20.

So all I really have to do is VoG and the weekly, which I can do later today in a few hours and be done with Destiny for the week. I mean, it's hard to argue that playing as 3 characters and doing 6 raids, 3 nightfalls, 3 weekly strikes in a day is proof that Destiny has "content."

* Grimoire cards offer a lot of story / details if you want it, but you can't say the same about the actual post game.

thekhurg2030d ago


That's all MMO's have. A raid per tier and some dungeons with pvp.

That's all WoW has, that's all SWTOR has, GW2 has less, FF Online has that, etc... The longer Destiny is out, the more it will mirror these other MMO's with the volume of content.

This game was released on the wrong platform - it should have been PC exclusive since that's where the focus group for this style of game resides. Instead, the popcorn gamer that makes up the bulk of the console community expects that this game literally deliver in every single aspect imaginable, for free, with flawless execution and for the game to make them a sandwich when they want.

I play WoW, and since Warlords launched, I've done the dungeons, cleared the raid and now that's all I do each week. Clear the raid, do some dailies and throw in some pvp. Destiny is 100% no different in that formula. With the expansion, you have access to a 2nd raid, and more strikes, aka more content that's very similar to a tier update in your standard PC MMO.

Again, people's expectations for this game are way off.

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JimmyHACK2030d ago

Development standards have plans for the future of a product very early in it's development.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

People who have never played MMO's like WOW and Guild Wars have no idea what Destiny is about. I guess some people just saw Bungie/Halo/Multiplayer/Shoote r and didn't bother to learn about what Destiny was before it was released and what it is right now. The bitterness and hate for this game is disturbing. There are more important things people could be doing instead of revisiting their hate for Destiny, like playing other games.

radler2030d ago

Gamers broke the standards of development. They're the ones who said, "We'll throw money down on preorders as long as the reveal trailer looks good." They're the ones who said, "Downgrades are fine, we'll accept them and defend them." They're the ones who said, "We'll pay through the nose for DLC that should have been in the game." They're the ones that said, "We love being lied to, please take our money."

Look at how obsessively gamers defend broken games, at how eager they are to make excuses for poor, busted products that are nothing like what was advertised just because they're exclusive to their favorite console.

If people won't vote with their wallets, things like this will continue and only end up getting worse. And you know what? They deserve it, they're idiots.

Palitera2030d ago


With Destiny, it has been solidly proven that we don't care about a game being delivered with less than half the content it should have.

Repetition, repetition, repetition is the game. Only a few options being repeated all over again.

It has to be noticed, though, that this is not a flaw on the design. It is the success of their design, since the core idea is to sell tons of DLCs, nicknamed as, lol, expansions.


Trovalli2030d ago

Great point. This wouldn't be an issue if a majority of players would step up and recognize it. Too late I guess...

Godz Kastro2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I really think they have. I kind of hate the fact that i love the game so much because I don't want to support this new model.

I am guilty of putting mad hours into this game, like over 220. It makes me sick to think what i could've done with that time.

But i must say i love the game. I think the big differential is whether you play with friends or not. It a great community experience. I have at least 12-15 friends I play with in different sets of either 3 for strikes and 6 for raids on xbox live.

Raids might be the most challenging experience and fun ive had with a group of friends. Talk about team work.

If i played this by myself or with a person or two. It would NOT be the same.

Thats my 2...

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