PS3 expected to remain the main force behind Blu-ray sales

The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) released its 2008 annual report with a wealth of data revealing the most trends in TV, home video and video gaming segments. The flood of data reveals that video game publishers are closing in on the revenue of stagnating home video sales, Blu-ray looked like the losing HD format in 2006, but was able to reverse the trend thanks to the PS3 in 2007, Microsoft has sold 316,000 now useless HD DVD add-ons for its Xbox 360 console and the average person now spends $310 on movie and game entertainment per year.

The annual report of the EMA is among the most comprehensive and perhaps confusing reports on the state of the entertainment industry of its kind. The 32-page document lists several hundred revenue and unit sales numbers from different market research firms in an effort to provide an impression of entertainment industry trends.

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TrollLeader13760d ago

1080p HDTV owners will be Blu-Ray's main force because if you buy a 1080p TV you might as well take advantage of the feature