Sega's ReBrand Kicks Some Serious Ass

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"As E3 approaches and I find myself frantically trying to prepare by reaching out to as many publishers as I can before they simply insist that I stop calling, I found myself today spending a few minutes on Sega's website. As I clicked around, taking it all in, I kept thinking to myself "GO SEGA!"

Back in 2006, called Sega "played out" adding that their web presence was "dull and disappointing". To be fair, the last time I remember seeing their site it was dark and not very appealing at all, but looking at it now from a pure design standpoint it is bright, clean, inviting, and has me genuinely rooting for their success. Sega bandwagon - here I come!"

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Twizlex3857d ago

I was never a fan of Sonic in the first place, but I sure hope this new game doesn't embarrass Sega any more than the last few games have.