DMC4: Check Out The First PS4 And Xbox One Special-Edition Teaser-Trailer

Capcom show us the very first teaser trailer of Devil May Cry 4 Special-Edition for PS4 and Xbox One.

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ShugaCane1499d ago

I hope this is a bridge towards DMC 5.

Amuro1499d ago

I'm praying for that too but knowing Capcom the chances are slim to none.

blitz06231499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I think it's pretty clear they are going to pit this against DmC. Clearly they're aware of the hate on DmC which is why they're revisiting a 6 year old game to see if fans truly want a 5th game on the original franchise.

Massacred1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I'm letting everyone I know that I can. To buy this re-release. I'm determined to prove that a market for Devil May Cry 5 (not DmC 5) exists.


I was looking at the numbers and it would seem that Devil May Cry 4 sold almost 3 times as many copies as DmC.

Which means I'll bet Capcom is trying to figure out which storyline they should go forward with. Go figure.

Paytaa1499d ago

I've never played a DMC game before but I plan on picking up DMC4 to help push for DMC5 since that's what everyone wants.

bangoskank1499d ago

Sorry, man, but that's pretty pathetic. Do you go through life following everyone else or do you ever decide what you like?

Yi-Long1499d ago

I quite liked DMC. It's a good game. It certainly doesn't deserve the hate it's getting. Might pick up this HD-release when it hits the bargain-bin for 20 bucks.

Paytaa1499d ago

@bangoskank Uh no? I am more interested in playing DMC 4 rather than DmC. It just happens to be that everyone would prefer the continuation of the original series and my money is going to support the majority.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1499d ago

TLOU was a special game. This garbage needs to stop, it's making this gen look stupid.

bangoskank1499d ago

If you haven't played any of the games at least give the demos a try to see which one you like better instead of listening to a bunch of whiny fanboys. I've played all of the DMC since the very first on PS2 and I can confirm, form an adults perspective, that DMC is actually a really good game.

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BlackWolf1499d ago

My guess is that Capcom is making an experiment with this remaster and DmC's. If either sells more than the other, they'll be able to see the route the next DMC games should follow, be it either DMC5 or DmC 2. That is my hope, although you can never be sure with Capcom...

Let's hope this one sells much better, so we get that DMC5.

Roccetarius1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Considering the HD collection was outselling DmC, i wouldn't be surprised if DMC 4 does the same thing. It may not be fantastic because you replay the game again with Dante, but the combat is still fantastic.

Tony-Red-Grave1499d ago

Or maybe capcom is just milking people dry by releasing both games and already has plans to make either DmC/DMC5. Or hell, even both at the same time going forward

hkgamer1499d ago

dmc4 has already sold more than DmC so i dont think thats an issue.

The series has always been about fast action based combat and DmC was 30fps which put a lot of people off. i heard that people who played on PC loved the game so I think that capcom wanted to give it another try as well as get some money back from that game.

DMC4 seemed like an after thought. since they porting the other one, might aswell do 4, get on fans good side and add vergil.

Neavan1499d ago

super ready for this one

ZHZ901499d ago

I already have DMC4 PS3, but I think I'll buy DMC4 PS4 because I need more power! :)

markyboy21811499d ago

wots the point in this???

PaleMoonDeath1499d ago

Think of it this way, if these sell well, Capcom may be able to jump forward with DMC5.

C L O U D1499d ago

OG Vergil...all we needed

Roccetarius1499d ago

If Capcom is playing it smart with this game, then they're going to add Vergil as a playable character, even though he's not part of the story.

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