What’s the Point of Replaying Games?

Matt says, "Normally, I don’t replay games. It’s never anything against the game and most of the time the games are fun and enjoyable. However, I don’t really see the point of replaying an entire game. Keep in mind, I am talking about story driven games and not sports games or online shooters."

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uth112972d ago

because you enjoyed it the first time?
Why do people re-watch movies?

Metallox2972d ago

Not even mentioning that in times of poorness, it's your only alternative, even if you don't like to replay games.

Roccetarius2971d ago

Not to mention the alternative in times where less and less games are worth the money.

breakpad2971d ago

well said.. and not only in times of literal poorness but also in times of "good gaming poorness"

Fro_xoxo2972d ago

There are various reasons..
and it's okay not to, if you don't want to.

ArchangelMike2971d ago

Agree. I absolutly love Alien Isolation. But I really doubt that I'll ever replay that game, specifically the campaign. I might try the challenges though... if I ever get through my backlog!

Alsybub2971d ago

Damn backlog. I've stopped buying games because of mine. The guilt is too much. Thing is, I then have a backlog of games that I intend to buy, at least they should be cheaper when I get round to buying them.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

idk what is but I find myself not re-playing 360/PS3/Wii gen games that much. But I will often go back to GC/PS2 era or N64. Also I guess it depends on the genre More often than not I replay Rpgs cause there is so much to do. Also depends on the series I suppose. Like I never get tired of Kingdom Hearts,3D Zelda's, Tales of series, Paper Mario(N64)/Thousand year door.

Alsybub2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I totally get that, I'm the same and I've never really thought about it that way but the games that I go back to are from that era too.

If I do go back to an old game it'll generally be ICO (PS2), Shadow of the Colossus (PS2), Okami (PS2), REZ (DC), Ikaruga (DC) or Katamari Damacy (PS2). Obviously most of them have been remade on 360 or PS3 but they're still the same games from that era.

Of all the games I have ever played REZ is the one that I must have completed hundreds of times.

Fizzler2972d ago

If a game doesn't have upgradable equipment or weapons and/or you can't change the outcome of anything then once is enough for me.

Take Uncharted for example, any of them, after one playthrough there is literally no reason to replay it unless you're a perfectionist and want to get all the treasures too, not even trolling, I just couldn't think of a better example, I've played all 3 Uncharted games and will play 4 as well once it releases.

monkeyDzoro2971d ago

Please make me the only one to reply to this troll. Don't feed him.

optimus2971d ago

I'm not understanding what makes him a troll? Because he finds no reason to play uncharted again? That makes no sense. Is he supposed to play it over and over?...

Anyhow, for the most part, i don't play games over unless i'm completely bored. The only game and that i find worth going back to because i find it can be very addicting is pinball fx2...

something about obtaining the highest score that keeps me going and going...maybe because i'm an old school player and most arcade games were driven simply by trying to achieve the highest score. Nowadays, it's all about the story and once it's over, it's over...until they come out with dlc's for it which i hardly ever buy.

averagejoe262971d ago

He's telling people there is "literally" no reason to replay uncharted.

So either he doesn't know the meaning of "literally," doesn't understand that enjoyment of video games is subjective, or is a troll.

The first two options are quite absurd so it would be safe to say he's trolling (or I guess, just not that smart).

Clown_Syndr0me2971d ago

Not everyone with a different opinon from you is a troll.

Guess what, I played Mass Effect for 2 hrs then never touched it again. Wasn't for me. Am I troll?
I absolutely hate Fallout, but love the Elder Scrolls. I have no interest in Blood borne. Im really enjoying The Crew despite its poor reviews. I actually enjoyed Knack. Come on, tell me all about how I'm trolling for having personal opinions..

telekineticmantis2971d ago

Funny, Uncharted 2 was gonna be my prime example of a game I replayed multiple times. Remember the train sequence? Well that sequence was so fun, I replayed it multiple times, the was just so many ways to attack it, and the platfoming was hilarious and fun.

I was gonna say when a game has fun, almost arcadey type of gameplay, and memorable sequences, that's when I replay. But if a game has a great/emotional story, I usually don't replay, no more than twice if I do, my heart just Can't take it, but the game will live with me like it was a real experience forever, kinda like the MGS series, or Shadow of the colossus.

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