The Xbox 360 glory days are over

It's funny how this generation of game consoles panned out. Most analysts had figured that the PlayStation 3 would sell the most, followed by the Xbox 360, with the Nintendo Wii trailing up the rear. Turns out the opposite of that happened.

Nathan Taylor explains why new price cuts are too little too late to save the Xbox 360. The 360 glory days may be over, with only Fable 2 up its sleeve and Blu-Ray scoring wins for the PS3.

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Condoleezza Rice3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

After the second Comma ^,is exactly why I fear this Price Cut is being ho-hummed.

Breakfast3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

The ps3 is $700?

Edit: Oh.

N4Gisbiased3759d ago Show
MikeGdaGod3759d ago

360 glory days were over as soon as it died on me three times and i got myself a ps3.

i might be willing to give the next MS console a try, but not within the first two years.

CrashSharc3759d ago

my only question is, why do the analysts think they are right now?

mikeslemonade3759d ago

Just look at the 360's library and there is nothing that will save them from 3rd place. Yea they got a bunch of A- and A games but they don't sell systems. The only answer they have to PS3 is drop the Arcade to $200 as soon as possible.

kwicksandz3759d ago

Reported as offensive N4gisbiased. Your nation hate disgusts me

And yes the ps3 mgs4 bundle retails for $745 in Australia. Thats what sony thinks of PAL territories right there.

gaffyh3759d ago

Let's be fair, Gears of War 2 is also coming out this year, and Banjo Kazooie (although I don't think these games will be system sellers, but they should satisfy current owners)

mikeslemonade3759d ago

Gears 2- People who are buying Gears 2 already have a 360 when they bought the system for Gears 1

Banjo- It's a budget title $40 that isn't getting much hype. It isn't a platformer in which the 360 needed.

godofthunder103759d ago

i've always said from the start of the next gen race that the ps3 will probaly end up in first place,followed close second by the 360 and the wii last.

i still will stick to my first position that the ps3 will come in 1st place,because even if i refuse to buy a sony product or any foreign product if i can(i could afford them)i want be a childish bias fanboy for any system and lie and try to make one look better then the other because it's stupid to do so.neither one give a s**t about us.he** they lied to us before and they will lie to us again if it will sell more systems for them.

after reading this article it just remind me of how bias some people could be.he claims that the sale figures of the 360 is falling and he's right,but he didn't mention that the sales of the ps3 is falling to and a big reason is the economy.i know that the 360 had problems and it is hurting them,but don't forget that sony was sued over the ps2 because they didn't want to fix the hard drive and psp and that's a fact.

like i said above,i know that the 360 had a high defect rate but the psp did to when it was released,hell just read about how many psp how to be returned because of defects in japan when they were first was sued over the ps2 and psp defects when they first came out,sony is still being sued over defects in minicams, cumputers exploding in people faces,patent infrigement with the cell,sued over useing the coating over the br disc without permissiom from the company that invented it.

the truth is that sony was sued over defecteive products just like microsoft was,sony is not perfect like ps3 fanboys are trying to claim.ps3 fanboys(not fans,they are fair)really belives that sony doesn't buy exclusives for their systems with cash or other ways because sony said so,like sony never lied is just like microsoft,they will always lie if it makes them look good and that's a fact.

sony lied to its consumers when they said that they didn't put rumble in the ps3 claimed that they couldn't put rumble and motion in the same controller because they didn't have enough room to do it,but it was proven that you could do then claimed that the reason they didn't put rumble in the ps3 controller was because it wasn't nextgen.when ps3 fans started complaining that they wanted rumble in the ps3 controller,sony suddenly found room to put it in the ps3 controller then try to say it was a nextgen rumble in it,it's the same rumble in the ps2 and 360 controller.the truth is that sony along with microsoft and another company was sued over using the rumble in their old controllers without permission from the company that invented it.they all lost in the lawsuit and they all had to pay millions in and the other company paid off their fine not long after they lost so they could keep on using it but sony didn't.when sony released the ps3 they still didn't pay their fine off so they couldn't use it in the ps3 thought that their fans wouldn't want the rumble,so when people started complaining that they wanted it sony had to lie to them about why they didn't have it.well sony finaly paid their fine and then was able to use it again,and that's when they came out with it in the new ps3 controller.

what i'm trying to say is that neither sony or microsoft is better then the rules the software world and sony rule the electronic world and they both want a monoply on things.they both lied to us before and will lie to us survived lawsuites with the ps2,computers,minicam,cameras, and dvd player and other lawsuits and microsoft will to with the 360.

ps3 fanboys are saying that they want mahe another xbox because the 360 failed,the truth is that they are way off.the 360 is finely makeing money for microsoft and it's the only console that's makeing money out of the 2(sony will soon).the 360 sold about 20 million units and counting so i'm sure they will have another xbox.

ps3 fanboys need to face reality.the ps3 will end up in first place like they always do but they will no longer dominate the video game market like they did before.the truth is that microsoft finally chipped into sony domination and now have a big percentage of the console market and when you put nintendo in it,it makes it a close i said before,sony will be first,followed closely by the 360 and will never dominate the video game market like they did for years.they have 3 systems that's out and each one have a fair share of the market.fanboys from all 3 sides,especially the 360 and ps3 fanboys might not like it but they are all here to stay,so get use to it and stop acting childish and admit that each systems have good and bad things about them. if you don't like the company it still doesn't give you the right to lie about the ps3 or 360.

i hate sony and will never buy their products if i can help it.i buy from an Aamerican company as much as i can.i want lie and say that the ps3 is not reliable because it is.i think that the ps3 is the most reliable console that was ever made.i want say that all the games sux on the ps3 when they don't because the ps3 does have good games.

what ps3 fanboys need to remember that sony isn't perfect. the ps2 had defects to and they had to be sued to fix them because they didn't want to,sony was also sued over the psp,minicams,cameras,somecompu ters,and some dvd took sony a while but they finally fixed them .the ps3 and 360 both have good games and each systems have good things and bad things about them and that's a fanboys from both sides need to stop saying all the games on the other system sux and their system is better then the other.the truth is that they are both right.if a person like a certain system because of a certain thing and thinks it's better then the other system then he's's a person oppinion what he thinks the better system is not fact.just because a system have defects doesn't mean it's trash and it will be the last one.if that's the case then the ps2 is trash and the ps3 would have never been made.

all the fanboys from both sides need to stop being bias because it's childish and if i was them i would be ashamed because it makes them sound like a**es.

Palodios3758d ago

Mind summing that one up buddy?

aliveinboston3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

2008 sales (Global)

360: 3.7 Million

PS3: 5.0 Million

PS3 is wiping the floor with the 360.

Comparing the same stage in the life-cycle (# months from launch)

360: 10.3 Million (no competing consoles)

PS3: 13.8 Million (despite two competitors)

ice_prophecy3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

"Reported as offensive N4gisbiased. Your nation hate disgusts me

And yes the ps3 mgs4 bundle retails for $745 in Australia. Thats what sony thinks of PAL territories right there. "


You make out that Microsoft doesn't charge premium as well. Things related to technology are generally more expensive in Australia. We export Raw materials, and purchase goods at a rate. Yes we are getting screwed over, but we don't have the labour workforce to handle industrial mass production on a scale of other countries. It is already bad enough with the shortages of tradesmen

My country is great thank you very much. I don't hold anything against Americans, Just specific individuals who make silly decisions at times.

On Topic: Yes there is a huge price difference. But currently we're having the deal where we get a PS3 with BRAVIA purchases, and it is making it very appealing. If People don't want the ps3 that comes with their TV, many list it on ebay. I purchased my Australian ps3 for 500$ AUD the last time this deal was going.

I consider the 360 and the PS3 is on equal distribution in Australia. Although the PS3 does seem like it is at a slight advantage, I always feel that only time will tell if there will be a difference.

IdleLeeSiuLung3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I'm not so sure the 360 sales are poor, considering MS practically don't sell consoles at all in Japan. Furthermore, PS3 is largely sold as a Blu-Ray player only!

I think the strongest telltale sign of a console's health is its attach rate. If people continue to buy games on the platform, developers/publishers will continue to release games. Sooner or later the terrible 3rd party sales on Wii will catch up with them (unless they make so much more shoveling crapware onto their consumers due to extremely low development cost, but others will catch on). Sony might have a few aces up its sleeves, but its 10-year plan has too slow of a ramp up. By the time PS3 matures, we probably have new consoles from Nintendo and MS, thus ensuring Sony will further be behind especially since it is pouring so much resources into catching up with MS and Home.

I hope I'm wrong and that all 3 consoles perform on par. Increased competition increases the value each company brings to the consumer.

aliveinboston3758d ago

The reason the PS3 is outselling the Xbox360 by such a large margin is because

1) Unreliable
2) Does not play Blu-Ray movies
3) Nickel-and-diming pricing structure

Whereas for PS3/Wii everything needed to play all available games using all the game features (like online) is included in each console. Even the lowest priced PS3 has the full feature set including wifi and free online. With the Xbox360, by the time you add all those things, and consider the fact that it doesnt play blu-ray, it ends up being not only costly, but also seeming to be behind the times.

Furthermore, retailers have much more to gain by pushing the PS3. Why? Blu-ray! The more PS3's they sell the more Blu-Ray movies will be sold.

The PS3 is still the best Blu-Ray player available, and, because of the horsepower under the hood, the only one that's truly software upgradeable.

The other problem is that nearly all the Xbox360's big releases have already come out, like Halo2. There's not much left for their customer base except more repetative sequels.

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Skaterboy Tell Em3759d ago

This one is going to get ugly.

Moto133758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

All these articles about Microsoft going down...etc are a bunch of non-sense. I am a developer for a company that is owned partially by Microsoft. Microsoft isn't going down on any level. yes, the 360 is not selling as well as the PS3, but it's going to be much closer this time around unlike last generation. On the desktop front, the article says Microsoft is losing to who? Linux? You have to be kidding me. if anything, Apple is giving it some competition, but over all Microsoft owns the PC world without a doubt. yes Vista isn't great, but Microsoft is quickly taking action with Windows 7 and hopefully that will turn out better.

What people don't know is that Microsoft's business isn't just windows, office, and the 360. Microsoft has a whole list of enterprise products that are dominating the market these days like SQL server and SharePoint 2007 and many more products. the 360 isn't in trouble at all. It keeps selling even though it has hardware problems. I personally prefer my 360 over my PS3 and many people are in the same league as me.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3759d ago

So all MS has left if Fable 2?

Condoleezza Rice3759d ago

Realistically speaking,GeOW is now looking to be the last big AAA console Exclusive for Microsoft,maybe at E3 they'll unveil something new,but as of right now,I literally have no clue what Microsoft has planned for 2009 aside from the heavily delayed Splinter Cell.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3759d ago

Just like last year when no one knew what MS had in stored for 2008. people need to realize how the company works. they focus on the current year they are in. which has been a good strategy so far.

The Lazy One3759d ago

People just ignore it when they announce their lineup, because it actually looks decent.

This article is very poorly researched. M$ still has rights to future installments of the Mass Effect series. They have Too Human, Alan Wake, Halo Wars, Fable 2, Star Ocean, Gears 2, the next Crash game, prey 2, Splinter Cell, Banjo Kazooie, Tales of Vesperia... That's just announced so far. They still have more games coming this holiday, and they'll probably announce even more games at E3 for early next year/Xmas.

You can disagree all you want, but you'll just be wrong.

plenty a tool3759d ago

veiled trolls like you are extremely annoying.

i know you claim to have a 360, and if you did, you would know that there's 3 mmo's coming in 09 and more than a few rpgs/jrpgs. but you dont know because you're a sony fanboy.------> open zone is where you should be when you are posting in 360 threads.

i just love the way an anti-microsoft "blog post" get's approved! but seeing as this really is the biggest sony fangirl site around, it's to be expected i suppose. there's probably an rrod thread waiting in the wings for approval. i wonder if a blog attacking sony would be approved???

tis site really does have one of the worst communitys now. and should just change it's name to

and what makes it equally bad is the fact that the mods are pricks aswell. i've been slagged off by a few sony fanboys on here, but i've called them trolls before and have been banned for a week because of it.

uxo223759d ago

Every single word of your last post was 100% dead on. The biggest problem is that either a lot of people on this site are too blind to see this,clearly living in denial, or are just too big a jerks to give a damn.

Bubbles to you.

Kleptic3759d ago

^^leave the "n4g is full of sony fanboys" crap alone...its been done in the past...there are plenty of fanatics from both camps around here...

for the past 2 years MOST online 'neutral' communities are teaming with 360 fanatics...guys like POG, Mart, Jason, Getpwned, are unavoidable at other sites...and here as well...just ignoring how annoying the MS side of this site can be does not make it a Sony controlled site...hell you can't even read comments on any game related video at youtube without some 'hat screaming about Halo 3...

and 'there is probably an RROD story coming'...cry me a river man...just yesterday one of the most popular stories was some douche saying "did Sony hurt the industry?"...there are negative stories for both systems...the 360 didn't get any until the RROD showed up...then the general consensus slowly started to understand that just maybe the PS3 wasn't going to be written off as fast as 360 fanboys were initially saying...Also...stop whining about RROD issues in the first place...that has nothing to do with Sony or fans of their products...that is 100% related to MS dropping the ball this generation, totally on their own...they had a considerable lead on all competition, and failed to hold on to it...thats not our fault...take your sob story somewhere else; it would fit in perfectly at GS or 1up...

LJWooly3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I just hate how people who had no qualms with the utter state of the site a year ago now start throwing their teddies in the corner and accuse others of living in denial.

And to be completely fair, I hate the fact that the fanboys run the comments section of this site, but the PS3 fanboys are doing an arguably better job than the 360 fanclub ever did. That is, the site's relatively calmer now.

plenty a tool3759d ago

i agree that fanboys on both sides are here, the sony fanboys far outweigh the xbox fanboys. but what's worse, is the fact that nearly every 360 thread is inundated with sony fanboys slinging mud here and there at anything. when i look at ps3 threads, they are hardly touched by the 360 fans.

lol, rrod is a problem that's been around since day one! and although the new boards are starting to make the problem go away with new consoles, does it really need so stories many to cover an old although persistent problem that everyone with the net and an interest in gaming knows about??? no it doesn't! but the sony fanboys need cheering up and something shout an example of what i'm talking about, look at your massive rant about rrod on a console you will never own to get a prime example of what i'm talking about.

i.e: sony fanboys on the attack.

ljwooly: i've been on this site for ages, but not in the posting sense. i've heard talk about all these xbox fanboys that were "once" on here, but now they all seem to be replaced by a hardcore sony contingent. a question, if there was so many last year, where have they all gone?????

uxo22: thanks bubbles back dude

LJWooly3759d ago

They all decided to give up on N4G and migrate to Gamespot, 1up, Gametrailers, etc. If you have such a problem with the site being overrun by Sony fanboys, then go join them. I honestly don't care who dominates the site, a fanboy's a fanboy, they're all the same.

Of course, there are still a few brave souls fighting for everything that's good and right and free in the world, like PoG. You could join them, too, if you want.

plenty a tool3759d ago

shakes head. ofcourse that's the easy answer. but then again this site unfortunately has quite alot of news coming through daily. hence why i still linger!

join he's as bad as dark sniper/nasim/high definition and all the other sony fanboys that dwell on here. anyway wooly, i'll stick around for a little bit longer, not just to annoy the most blatant fanboys, but also the vieled ones like yourself.

that's why you turn a blind eye, and sy things like "i dont care who runs the site"...if you wasn't in agreeance with their demented ramblings and know-nothing comments. you would feel the same.

Condoleezza Rice3759d ago

hM,I have to somewhat disagree;Last Year,the big games that most if not all gamers knew would be coming out this year for the 360,were as follows;Gears of War 2,Fable 2,Halo Wars,Splinter Cell,and a dozen or so Multi-platform games.

As for next year,the only big game that I know out of all of those mentioned ^,is Splinter Cell,as it was delayed for release in 2008.The only other game I can speculate will be arriving for 2009,is Forza 3,due to the leaks and information revealed not too long ago.

Now,as for the subject of the existence of my Xbox 360;I feel I have proven it's existence 1 too many times to bother with proving it again this fine Morning.Please feel free to browse my Comment history to confirm the existence of such proof,and also,if you prefer not to read a 360 owner being honest and open about areas that need improvements in the Xbox 360,then I strongly encourage you to add me to your Ignore List,as I am a gamer who believes each console can be improved upon in one way or the other.

I will now get back to my Morning Cereal.

LJWooly3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Just so you know, Dark Sniper is tongue-in-cheek. He constantly switches between 360 and PS3 fanboy, and no-one who talks in third person is taking themselves seriously.

What I'm saying, is that you sound exactly like all the PS3 fanboys last year. Exactly the same, it's even somewhat nostaligic. It goes back and forth all the time, and while one side spreads misinformation and know-nothing comments, the other cmoplains that the site's being overrun, until the momentum reverses and the respective sides switch roles. You see what I mean?

And I'm not a veiled fanboy, I will openly admit my bias towards the PS3, much like yourself in regards to the 360. I don't see anything wrong with it, though.

Although, it is a bit weird that you only have 4 bubbles considering the nature of most of your comments. I'll bubble you up, a reminder that there's no hard feelings. This fictional console war isn't something that should be taken seriously, after all.

3759d ago
ChrisGTR13759d ago reccodog.. nice way to prove what a moron you are by making your uncalled for xbot comment..

Kleptic3758d ago

plenty of tool...good reply...

First of all though, don't accuse me of never wanting to own a 360...RROD related issues are exactly what kept me away from it...I watched my little cousins snap just 3 days after Thanksgiving (which was is also the day of his birthday, and the day he recieved one of several 360s) in 2005...that is what worried me about it...

You totally misunderstood my rant...its not that I love RROD rant was directed at 360 fanboys getting pissed because they think the news is generated by Sony fans...

also, if you truely believe that negative PS3 news is 'calm', I don't know what to say...there is just as much, if not more, trolling in PS3 related news than anything...while it is not as bad as it used to be (afterall the PS3 is doing immensely better than it was a year ago), any poblem some blogger or site has with the PS3 is swarming with ignorant 360 fans that know nothing about the system...

my comment was only directed towards you in the sense of whining about how Sony fans have taken over N4G...that is a total cop-out excuse for why the 360 doesn't have the leverage it once did...which is exactly what this article is about...when the 360 WAS doing well, it wasn't like the 360 fans were these elite group of perfect people...they flung just as much shat as any other frothing-at-the-mouth fanboy...and some of them did it with a level of ignorance that would take a Phd to explain...but whatever...slowly some of those guys are either waking up, or moving on...the community of N4G is slowly pushing them out...and no matter what console you own or are a fan of, that is good for everyone...

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Jandre023759d ago

*brushes Gears 2 in under the carpet*

No seriously, Gears 2 is going to be huge. But its not Halo 3, and not even Halo 3 could save the 360 WW when the PS3 had a lackluster lineup. With the games coming out this winter for the PS3, you gotta wonder what will happen to the 360. Lets not even get started on next spring.

Condoleezza Rice3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

GeOW 2 will easily do 3 Million before the year is up.The question is,after the year is up,what's next?I've asked myself this very question multiple times,and I just can not find an answer.

Unless Microsoft have truly secured Resi 5 as a timed Exclusive and have a few secret titles in production that will be unveiled at this years E3,well,I must admit,they're going to have a hard time up against KZ 2,Final Fantasy,and GOW III next year.A very hard time.

Big Jim3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, etc.

EDIT: I forgot about all the JRPGs coming to the 360 this year and next. Star Ocean anyone? The 360 is the RPG console.

InMyOpinion3759d ago

Warhound, All Points Bulletin, Huxley, Halo Wars, Cry-On, Forza 3, Splinter Cell etc. There's no need for you Sony fanboys to worry, MS got it covered =)

I predict Microsoft has something special in store for Live as well. Something that will be shown at this years E3.

dwjohnson0112113759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Pitiful unintelligent article. none of these analyst really know what the hell is going on. GTA IV not being the system seller they believed it would be tell you anything? Exactly. This generation is unpredictable as they can and they look like fools trying to sum it up. Their's no telling what the average customers are going to buy and since when did what sold in austrailla give a good idea of the marketplace? [email protected], the x360, ps3 and wii can co exist and are just fine.

The Lazy One3759d ago

Are actually people on forums.

The only thing that almost everyone seems to be wrong about is that nobody really anticipated the Wii getting OMFGWTFBBQ sales. some predicted OMG sales, but really... DAYUM.