Halo franchise expected to last 30 more years, 343i's Bonnie Ross says

Bonnie Ross, 343 Industries’ general manager, has recently revealed that, upon the studio’s establishment 7 years ago, her longstanding goal was (and still is) to keep Microsoft’s beloved Halo franchise running for at least 30 more years.

For the sake of context – 343 Industries was formed back in 2007 and the Halo franchise debuted in 2001, so going by Ross’ words, Microsoft and 343i expect gamers to keep playing Halo games until 2037… at least.

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98xpresent2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

This Was the first thing that came to my mind when I Saw the title

Ms should let 343i create their own ip & let Halo have a 10 year rest. To me halo no longer holds value, halo is not the beast it used to be.

RiseofScorpio2477d ago

343 was created to make Halo lol.

IxWoodstockxI2477d ago

343 Guilty Spark. It's in the name regular people who don't play the game don't know 343i was made to only make Halo games.

Ezz20132477d ago

I knew it all along
343...Means there is 343 Halo sequels in the makings

jk jk

ShinMaster2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Whatever happened to "finishing the fight" 7 years ago?
Holy crap.

TheRedButterfly2476d ago

Looks like 1.1.3 needs to read up on his Halo lore. There's a much, MUCH bigger universe than the 7 rings and the Covenant.

radler2476d ago

Ironic that the studio created to keep Halo alive are the ones killing it.

343 are terrible, incompetent developers who have no grasp on what people liked about Halo and want from future games. I think Phil Spencer would be best gutting the higher-ups at 343 like Bonnie Ross and co. and replacing them with people who know what they're doing.

As it stands, 343 is just killing Halo and someone from Microsoft needs to step in before it's ruined beyond repair.

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BabyObama2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Played halo 4 for the first time on my X1
I wanted to play it on my 360 but couldn't because of rrod
But I loved every second of it
It's faster gameplay made it feel fresh
It looked great
Had a damn good story
Awesome music
I can't wait till 5
I'll be very happy with a new halo every 3-4 years

thewhiteelephant2476d ago

I just purchased tmcc the other day too. I'd played halo CE and halo 2 but never played 3 and definitely hadnt touched 4. I was actually very impressed with the visuals of halo 4. And it played pretty damn well for a fps franchise taken over by a off shoot company.

Gaming247allday2477d ago ShowReplies(1)
Muzikguy2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

IMO this is highly unlikely. I mean, COD is losing ground already and it was just one generation that did it in. Granted Halo has been around awhile. The more the games are milked the less people will care. Also, the more companies try to innovate, the more the games suffer. I'll be surprised if Halo is around in 2020 for the next generation. I could be wrong through. This is just my opinion

Kavorklestein2476d ago

Okay keep in Mind there is a new Call of Duty every year.
Halo is like every 3 or more years... if you exclude
reach and Odst.

Athonline2476d ago

You can't compare them as business studies.

One of them is a yearly franchise and other isn't. This means there is more time to hype and market the game, plus build interest as people may get nostalgic. Afterall 20 years is like what? 6-7 more Halo assuming they will be on a 3-years release schedule -which at the end up on a four years.

CoD has different lore/story on every (or every other) game, while Halo has a single lore/storyline to follow. People play Halo for the story, read the books and comics, etc.

Halo is a bit like the Star Trek/Star Wars of 2000, it has a sci-fi cult following it and as they expand the universe through other mediums more people will join it.

IIFloodyII2476d ago

And if you don't, Halo is a yearly franchise. It just doesn't always have a AAA title every year.

No_Limit2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Good news..that means that the xbox brand here is here to stay and we can expect the Xbox Seven in 2045 along with Halo: the final chapter.

FATHASUN2475d ago

Halo: The Final Chapter: Part 1.

Azzanation2476d ago

MS/343 make Halo games because people want Halo games. You may not want it but millions out there do. Not a smart business man I see. Halo is much bigger then just Halo 1,2,3.

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Fro_xoxo2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Count me out lol

There would be no cows left in the world by then..

What's porridge oats without -> milk?

PeaSFor2477d ago

i didnt finished Halo 2(found it boring and generic), that said i really enjoyed the first game in co-op.

Zeref2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

30 years does not mean 30 Main Halo games.
Main Halo games come out every 3-4 years. That's like 7 main games in 30 years.
There's also the Halo: Spartan series and Halo Wars.

GhostTurtle2477d ago

Doesn't have to be. Since 2007 there has been a Halo game of some sort every stinkin year. I'd imagine the milking will continue every year for the next 30.

zeuanimals2477d ago

"Main Halo games come out every 3-4 years. That's like 7 main games in 30 years"

Halo 3 came out in 2007, Halo ODST came out in 2009, Halo Reach came out in 2010, and Halo 4 came out in 2012. That's 4 Halo games in 5 years. Sure, they're not all "main" Halo games, but that's only because they're not numbered. They're still shooters and advance the series in some way, they just didn't follow MC.

And yes, they do have the Spartan and Wars series. I'd honestly love to see those explored moreso than the mainline/shooter series since they've already milked the shooters a lot. Give the shooters a break for a bit (in the future if they go along with this 30 year "plan") and explore other things the Halo IP can do, sort of like what Nintendo does with Mario and the rest of their IPs. I don't know if Halo/MC have the staying capacity that Mario has, but they have room to explore it.

Halo RPG, Halo tactics/XCOM style, etc. They could do some interesting things, or make their own genre/sub-genre.

annoyedgamer2477d ago

343 has shown nothing but incompetence with Halo.

Gazondaily2477d ago

A bit harsh. They tackled story telling better than Bungie. But they also suffered from the same pitfalls. It definitely had its problems mind you.

But yeah, 343 have yet to prove their worth with the Halo franchise in my opinion.

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wannabe gamer2477d ago

a series can def go on for this long if they release on a good time table and do not oversaturate themselves. Halo has been around a while now and feels less saturated than Assassins creed series which has been milked to death and shoved at us twice a year. for me as a fan of 1,2 and ACB this has ruined the series for me as there have just been too many games and im not bothered to catchup when i fell behind at all.

rainslacker2476d ago

I agree. Halo is definitely one of MS staple franchises, but I never got that milked feeling when I see a new game in the series announced. Just a lot of excitement. MS is at least smart enough to not release it every year, and they do rotate their staple franchises.

That's what I think will be the downfall of Assassins Creed. Between the 1st and 2nd it was like "cool, another AC game", now it's like, "yawn, another AC game" because they made it into a yearly thing....if not more often.

MilkMan2477d ago

Glad im retiring from gaming soon.

KiwiViper852477d ago

I think I would have to lose both hands to be forced into retirement.

And then there's always Kinect...

Dark_matter2477d ago

@ KiwiViper85

I haven't seen that phrase used in a while, last time I saw it was.... Well what do you know, when the 1st kinect came out lol

HammadTheBeast2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

How do you retire from gaming? That's like saying I'm glad I'm retiring from watching movies or playing sports or reading books.

rataranian2476d ago

You must be 15 years old. Its a very common thing with us old people. Gaming looses its luster. Ive seen many people retire from gaming.