CAPCOM Confirms DMC Devil May Cry And Devil May Cry 4 For Next Generation Consoles

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition will be available to purchase as a digital download and at retail across Europe and North America for the PlayStation(R)4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One(R),

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ritsuka6662964d ago

This will bomb tremendously. SHM, You should be embarrassed with this crapcom.

Abash2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I will buy Devil May 4: SE on PS4 DAY ONE to show my support for Capcom to make Devil May Cry 5.

Emmettcelticfan2964d ago

I'm buying it cause i heard Virgil at the end. if he's playable like in devil may cry 3 special edition I'm sold

hay2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Well damn, now this made me lost some faith in CAPCOM a little bit.
I think it's better to suggest or petition to CAPCOM for a Platinum Games approach to DMC. Ninja Theory made the reboot, which means anyone can. Kamiya-sama conceived this glorious series, HE IS the chosen one(to make DMC better than ever).

hay2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Daburu postu bunduru! WTF! (marked as spam)

Der_Kommandant2964d ago

I'm with you here, I'm a huge DMC fan and i even loved the reboot.

Palitera2964d ago

Most of us already have the PS3 game from the PS+ offering, but I'll probably buy the remaster after a price drop, since it will be much better with decent graphics and good frame rate.
The style was great, but the graphics were too blurry and the frame rate was innaceptable for a DMC game.

bouzebbal2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Make a dmc3:SE out of it with playable virgil and i'll buy it.
The reboot is a great game regardless of what all haters are saying

breakpad2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

yeahh of course DMC4 for PS4 day one...also people nobody touches lame DmC REMAKE..lets show Capcom that the game is garbage

vishmarx2964d ago

day f****** one for DMC 4 SE!

hope vergil's story ties into dmc 5

Gazondaily2964d ago

I actually liked the latest DMC? It was fun. Don't get the hate for it.

ziggurcat2964d ago


"I actually liked the latest DMC? It was fun. Don't get the hate for it."

because people couldn't handle a different character model.

XisThatKid2964d ago

OMG I knew it when this was rumored it was true!!! YES since I never played 4 I'm def getting it and I LOVED DmC so that's a given.

Big_Game_Hunters2964d ago

So they can butcher it again? they don't have platinum anymore. better idea is to not buy the game so Capcom could see no value in the IP and sell it. Then pray Platinum would buy it and we could get a good DMC again.

DragonKnight2964d ago

@ziggurcat: Yes, that's why people hated the game, because of a character model. Had nothing to do with the noob combat, the atrocious story, the absolute butchering of the characters, no it was "the hair" the whole time.

@Septic: Noob combat, terrible story, butchering of the characters, awful music, and the developers s*** on the entire fanbase every chance they got.

breakpad2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

@ DragonKnight well said man ...the game (DmC remake) it s the absolute demonstration of untalented-western-devs--dont- touch-anything-made-in-japan or simply garbage
(other examples Lost Planet 3, Castlevania LOS2,Never Dead etcetc) can argue me that is Capcom s fault but they should learn to..

N4GDgAPc2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Well from the trailer it looks like they have a style mode where they make closer to devil may cry games. I like the game but it will be nice on how they changed the combat. Especially being 60 fps will be a change by itself. I think it's funny how u guys say about the story was bad. Others had lack of story also. I thought this new one had more story than the others but the older ones did a better job of Dante being a bad a$$. Especially Devil May Cry 3. Still one of the best cinematic choreographed fight scenes ever.

I wanted to see awesome fight scenes more than the story for devil may cry 3. First cutscene blew me away. And still to these day to. And we can't forget the scene were he jumps off the building. And the one girl which I don't remember here name were she is throwing her weapons in the air reloading and all this stuff happening. Great stuff.

DLConspiracy2964d ago

DMC 4 was an awesome game. I loved that one.

DevilOgreFish2964d ago

I already was playing both at 1080p+ 60fps years ago on pc, nonetheless it's still nice to see them both brought to the current gen.

mikeslemonade2964d ago

DmC not worth replaying. DMC4 is worth replaying since it came out a while back. Great soundtrack for that game.

ziggurcat2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )


so... when there was absolutely no gameplay footage, why did people hate the game? edit - because it certainly couldn't hve been because of the reasons you've listed /edit. the argument was conveniently shifted to gameplay as soon as any footage surfaced, which is your classic example of goalpost moving.

what originally drew all of the ire about the reboot was dante's new look, so yes... the hatred was actually over a character model (i'm not talking about the hair, specifically). there were even petitions about it, for god's sake.

DragonKnight2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

@ziggurcat: Dante's look was a catalyst for the complete garbage that followed. And quite honestly, when you go from the Dante that everyone knew, to Tameem's wet dream of having himself in a game, people have the right to be pissed. I mean, imagine changing Mario from an Italian plumber to, say, an African Electrician, or a Malaysian Carpenter, after 30 years of the same iconic image. No, no reason to be pissed at all right? That isn't the reason they stayed pissed though, and your insistence in trying to completely dismiss the real problems people had with both the game, and the developer, as being nothing more than "whining about a character model" speaks more to the level of absolute ignorance you seem to enjoy living in than the actual truth.

The only good thing about DmC for those that play it is when the game is over.

freshslicepizza2964d ago

the reviews for dmc were in the mid 80's not sure how one could conclude everyone hated it. but then again the gaming community is quite vocal about things they dont agree with and many spend more time trash talking than saying anything positive.

what i will say is this shows signs of how the gaming market is unwilling to take chances. its why we see so many cross gen games like destiny because they fear of selling to a low install base. it also explains why we are seeing so many remasters and re-releases while the hardware is getting away from backwards compatibility. making games is very expensive and they cant charge $100 a game so they take less risks and charge more other ways.

ziggurcat2963d ago


"Dante's look was a catalyst for the complete garbage that followed. And quite honestly, when you go from the Dante that everyone knew, to Tameem's wet dream of having himself in a game, people have the right to be pissed."

exactly, it was the catalyst, and therefore the very reason why people got upset. and no... complaining about a video game's artistic direction is not a right.

and of course it's the reason they stayed upset! it wouldn't have mattered how amazing the gameplay was (and it was pretty well-received by just about every critic), their minds were already set simply because dante didn't look like the dante they were used to seeing, long before any gameplay surfaced, and even accessible for people to play.

it's very difficult for anyone to go into something with a pre-conceived bias towards a game, and come out of it saying, "you know, that was pretty good." you're going to go into it, already thinking it's a piece of garbage, and try to find any little thing you can find in order to artificially justify your belief that the game is bad. things like, "oh, it's not 60fps" or "oh, it's press X to win" are all moot when you've already gone into it with a negative attitude. there's a reason why you would generally not get selected to be a part of a jury if you already have a pre-conceived bias against the defendant - because no matter what evidence is presented, you're probably still going to think he/she's guilty. oh, and just so there's no confusion - any reference to "you" in this paragraph is meant in the general sense, not you personally...

and then you had to go with the personal attack... which means you just sort of lost the argument. and is also upsetting because you're one of the posters here i actually respect, and often agree with/up vote your posts.

so i think we'll just have to agree to disagree, and move on.

Hanso2963d ago

same for me brother dmc 5 here we go

Adrian_v012963d ago


Nope, it is a right. If it was a new IP then fine, do whatever you like with the game but if you're making a reboot, you should be aware that you're changing a game which already has a fanbase. Dragon explained it pretty well with his Mario example but you ignored and didn't address that. It is not a good move to mention critic scores of this game as well, as we all know about some leaked posts on social media which hinted at them buying good critics. About the rest of your post on being biased, when I saw the first trailer of DmC I felt excited to play it cause honestly, to me after 3 DMC 4 felt weak in story and since they introduced Nero I thought that it was time for a change cause they obviously had no idea how to go on with it. I felt alright with Dante's new model but the the gameplay surfaced. No lock on, enemy types demanding weapon types, 60 fps which was a huge deal as some awesome combos from DMC 3 and 4 required this. Then the butchering of character personalities, I mean...Vergil saying he's got the bigger d**k...seriously? Then Tameem bashing the old fanbase, even inserting a scene into the game to make fun of people wanting a white haired Dante, but still changing his hair to white towards the end of the game. There's a lot wrong about this game and it isn't only the new character model.

P.S. I don't see where dragonknight insulted you which made him loose the argument. I believe you mean him calling you ignorant. Ignorant isn't an insult, it just means a lack of knowledge, often unwilling to look for it. And if you really discard all the flaws this game had and go with the 'it's about the hair theory' then yes, you are absolutely ignorant.

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Dudebro902964d ago

Dmc4 has a chance to be profitable. People like that game.

DmC on the other hand...

darren_poolies2964d ago

I loved DmC, I was one of the best games that came out in 2013 and in no way deserved the hate it got. Yes people didn't want a reboot but it was a very good game.

Benjammin252964d ago

@darren DMC was pretty good. Only a few things bugged me. The game ran at 30fps (at least on console), I wasn't a fan of the new Dante and I found the game wayyy too easy. I finished it on hard without dying, put it that way. But is it as bad as all the fanboys made it out to be? Absolutely not.

Baka-akaB2964d ago

DMC4 was most likely still profitable , they just wanted it to be bigger .

Anyway this should be fun with "DMC4 HD" most likely outselling "DmC 60 fps edition" , and Capcom still not getting the message

guyman2964d ago

I liked DmC but has no replay value for me so I won't spend money on it again. DMC 4 tho I'd be interested I

WildArmed2964d ago

Def. getting DMC4 once it drops a few notches.

Not interested in DmC, the combat style wasn't as appealing to me as dante in DMC4.

Speaking of which, not a huge fan of Nero either.

starchild2963d ago

I played DmC on the PC at 60fps and I thought it was a great game. Different than the others, but still a cool game in its own right.

I also loved Heavenly Sword and Enslaved Odyssey to the West. I'm looking forward to the their next game now.

darren_poolies2962d ago


How does a game that makes you go through the same areas twice have more replayability?

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geddesmond2964d ago

I'll buy DMC4 as that was a great game but only depending on price as it was an early PS3 game so graphic improvements won't be great.

Not sure on DMC DE.

PaleMoonDeath2964d ago

.. This is sick, seriously.

CorndogBurglar2964d ago


Lol, seriously though, you're probably right. DMC wasn't exactly a fan favorite in the series.

Feralkitsune2964d ago

DMC actually was a pretty good game.

Heavenly King2964d ago

DmC Was a good action game, but a terrible Devil May Cry game.

They should have created a new franchise instead.

Magicite2964d ago

I liked and completed both games.

FanboyKilla2964d ago

capcom looks like a lost puppy. and i bet this was suppose to put them back in gamers good graces, after their las announcement. pr fail. womp womp wommmp.

N311V2964d ago

Why do you think it will bomb so hard?

Personally I've no interest in DMC4 but I'll probably get the reboot. I was interested in it when it first released but for some reason didn't get it, there was probably something else I was playing at the time. Pretty sure I'd move onto PS4 by the time is released on PS+ for PS3 also.

I'm keen.

_-EDMIX-_2963d ago

Oh will you STFU already. Most don't even understand how ports work or even business yet speak against it.

"embarrassed" doesn't work in Business bud, the concept has NOTHING to do with business, that alone tells me your uninformed about economics to think that concept means something in this regard.

A. You know zero top publisher to not port.

B. The team porting this would not have been creating a DMC, thus this game won't hurt any other release.

C. The money from this give Capcom more funding to create other games.

This has been done since the dawn of gaming, its nothing new.

MS porting Halo 1 and 2 on PC didn't delay Halo 3 or 4, why?

Because MS contracted out Gearbox to do a port......Gearbox was NEVER going to make Halo 3, it was going to be Bungie, reason to cry about such a thing, it seems more so that your ill-informed about what is actually being done and how.

Business is about making money, by Capcom doing this, they can afford to create new IPs like Deep Down.

There is a market for ports because everyone didn't own every last game that released last gen...its not really feasbale to own EVERY LAST GAME EVER RELEASED!

No one cares that you played it already, many other didn't, it why this port exist.

Look at last gen, Capcom ported games then too, or did you forget the DMC collection for PS3 and 360?

Should the makers of Starwars feel "embarrassed" at making re-releasing it on DVD, Bluray, 4K etc?

Who are you to them? Sooo...lets say for a bit, that you think this is shameful and lol "embarrassing" and you don't buy it........ Who cares. Its merely you who feels this way, you are not the majority thus, it really doesn't matter. Take your feelings else where as crying over a proven effective business practice that is the sole damn reason you even have many games that still exist, means nothing.

Sounds more like your butthurt over things that you can't fully understand.

If your mad at ports.... your mad at developers getting more money, your mad a publishers getting more money, your mad at those that didn't get to play the game......getting ot play the game.

Take your entitlement else where.

spacedelete2963d ago

i'm starting to think people hate the DmC reboot because sad little virgins are jealous of the new Dante's good looks and confidence. gamers whine about anything these days.

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Snookies122964d ago

Um, so where's Devil May Cry 5?

Lord_Sloth2964d ago


*spies from bird nest*

Mankey2964d ago

The cardinal question. As if anyone cares about DmC.

Edit: Buying Devil May Cry 4 day one. DmC can go rot in a ditch.

_-EDMIX-_2963d ago

Likely being made. You do know that ports are often not done by the main teams right?

You also do know what games get contracted out right?

LMFAO! This game isn't delaying DMC5, because the team doing the port was never going to create DMC5, the team is likely a low level port team.

WeAreLegion2964d ago

Please buy DMC4 so Capcom knows that we want DMC5!

Neixus2964d ago

I will buy both.

While the old Dante and Devil May Cry games are the best, i personally didn't have anything against DmC, considering it was a reboot.

Sevir2964d ago

I'm with you. I want the franchise to live on in what ever form it is. I like DMC4 and Loved DmC:Devil May Cry so this is a no brainer

WeAreLegion2964d ago

Yeah. I enjoyed the new DMC. I just want Devil May Cry 5. :)

VileAndVicious2964d ago

I loved DmC and cannot not wait for this. I was just thinking the other day about playing through it Ill just wait for March.

Baka-akaB2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I dislike the idea of accepting anything for the sake of and purpose of a franchise living on . It has helped almost no franchise thus far , except maybe Tomb Raider as a reboot and Phantasy Star with the Online version . And those two while vastly different from the original franchises , actually hold up to high standards .

I'd rather spend 20 .. 30 years , an eternity without lesser sequels or reboot of a favorite franchise

So while i dunno if i'll buy again DMC4 (i wish it was a collection with the previous 3 as well , so it will depend on the pricing ) , i certainly know i wont support a direction i dont approve of with DmC .

LOGICWINS2964d ago

I really enjoyed the demo for the new DmC a few years ago. Never played the full version, def buying it on the PS4 though. Need some good hack n slash goodness until GOW4 comes out.

N4GDgAPc2964d ago

I think it would be great if they do both. Have there Japanese team still do Devil May Cry 5 and Ninja Theory continuing DMC 2. Be great for me since I enjoyed both.

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Mankey2964d ago

I gotchu.

Doing this for sure.

EvilWay2964d ago

Please don't buy it so we can show these companies to not make remakes for every damn game....

jmac532964d ago

This was the announcement they were hyping?! What a wet fart of an announcement.

Palitera2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Wet farters are the ones that fall for any hype scheme these days.

You should be happy that the hyped announcement wasn't for a dynamic theme for PS3.

HeMan762964d ago

The best two games of entire franchise.Cant wait,day one for me but better the devs focus on another ips

WeAreLegion2964d ago

That's insulting. DMC3 is the best.

Yokan2964d ago

DMC 3 is the best in the franchise but DMC 4 has the best mechanics I have ever seen alongside Bayonetta 2.

gunnerforlife2964d ago

Bro you must be high as fuc* if you think that! Dmc 1 and 3 are the best in the serious! Followed by 4 and 2 and the mess that is Dmc Dmc.