Year End Review (Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U)

Say goodbye to 2014 as 2015 is approaching rather quickly. Before we even step foot into 2015 lets look at how 2014 fared in gaming.

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iplay1up23474d ago

Sony is not Passive they are riding the wave. Nintendo has allot of fresh content, people just seem to ignore the fact. Anyway, I think PS4, and Wii U are the consoles to have this gen if you want to play great games.

Gazondaily3474d ago

" I think PS4, and Wii U are the consoles to have this gen if you want to play great games."

What about the Xbox One?

3474d ago
TheAmazing_OMEGA3473d ago

just depends on what you're interested in tbh

Mehmeh3474d ago


If it wasn't for your last sentence where you in essence are saying the Xbox One doesnt have any great games, i wouldn't have disagreed with you.

Like both PS4 and Wii U have great games no doubt, but so has Xbox One aswell.
Of course it matters what kind of games one is into and all that.

But if you want to play great games, and then im talking about games as in general and not bound to one or the other brand, one should pick up the Xbox One also.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3473d ago

Well if you want all the systems, get them. If you're like me and you don't want to split your money up between multiple consoles, buy one. I find it more enjoyable to have a lot of games on one console instead of dividing up your money between 2 or 3 consoles and only having 10 games per console.

Mehmeh3473d ago


Well yes i also find it more enjoyable to have alot of games on one console.
All im saying is that he worded it as if the xbox one didnt have any great games.

Like pick up either of the three systems and have fun, they all bring something good;)


Nintendo, Xbox, And PlayStation Have All Now Abandoned Twitter/X Integration

The latest Switch firmware update kills off support for the Elon Musk-owned social media company.

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Jin_Sakai8d ago

Could care less. I use consoles to play games not for social media.

Cacabunga7d ago

Social garbage should be abandoned altogether.. the world is stupid since these things got introduced

senorfartcushion7d ago

I would say YouTube was more to blame for this weird unrest we are seeing at the minute. That platform has given license to some of the stupidest people to build advice channels for kids growing through their formative learning years. It's no wonder there are so many incels around.

z2g7d ago

The world was stupid before that. Social media just let you see it.

6d ago
z2g7d ago

It’s for posting content like game captures, not responding to your boo’s pool pictures.

But F twitter anyway

CrashMania8d ago

And nothing of value was lost, that site is a cesspit.

purple1018d ago (Edited 8d ago )

correction, was a cesspit,

now more of just a swamp / everglades / marshland

gold_drake8d ago

not sure who actually used it in the first placd

Vithar7d ago

Good, Twitter is getting worst than 4chan

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PlayStation Aims to Entice PC Gamers to Play Single-Player Sequels on Consoles

Sony aims to release live service PlayStation games day & date on PC and PS5, but single-player games will have more "strategic approach."

-Foxtrot21d ago

How? I’m sorry but how when they literally port their games to the PC now after not even 2 years, it’s rumored GoW Ragnarok is next.

The best thing they could have done is focus on the generation before with PS3 / PS4 titles and when it got to the PS6 then start porting PS5 games so people will want to get the sequel on the new console

Now PC gamers just wait it out because they know it’s coming

Redemption-6420d ago

Rock Star does the same thing. Release 1st on consoles, wait a year or two then release on PC. It's clearly a strategy that works for them.

They don't need a lot of PC gamers to move to Playstation, but they just need a few who would also buy into it and possibly double dip. There are some very unhappy gamers on Twitter, who wanted to hear day and date for all games.