Interview with Sony's Eric Lempel

PlayStation Network director of operations Eric Lempel tells Next-Gen why PS3 firmware update 2.40 represents a significant step forward for Sony's online service, why it's taken so long to deliver some of gamers' most requested features, and why some are still absent.

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Condoleezza Rice3765d ago

Thanks for the awesome job Lempel!

jamenees3765d ago

I whole heartedly agree with that. Thanks.

meepmoopmeep3765d ago

i love the continuous support and features.
the PSN team rock!

my launch PS3 is not the same one i have now.
it went from Beast form to Beauty form.

Rick Astley3765d ago

When can we expect the update? THAT'S what he should be telling us dammit. I want a midnight launch.

SonySoldierEternaL3765d ago

yes, i'm hoping for a midnight launch as well. only time will tell

ATLRoAcH3765d ago

...want it to be available at midnight. I'm going out of town tomorrow so if it's not midnight tonight I won't get it until I get back home on Saturday. I can wait but I don't want to.

XBOX 3603765d ago

Didn't that Warhawk Dev guy pretty much confirm it would be tonight?

"...late tonight when the firmware is released."

ATLRoAcH3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Yeah you're right. I read that and it didn't even register. Good to know. Thanks. +1 bubble

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SonySoldierEternaL3765d ago

this man knows what he's talking about

juuken3765d ago

...This guy rocks. Very well said.

Bathyj3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

With these added features, dedicated servers and Free online, its hard for anyone to claim now that PSN is inferior to XBL.

What do you guys think?

Its already 2nd July here, but I'm at work so I dont know if its up yet. Any Aussies by their PS3 at the moment?

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The story is too old to be commented.