Burnout's Trophies ARE Retroactive

the SixhtAxis writes:

Wondering why the Burnout Paradise save-game was tied to your PSN ID? Well, wonder no more - Criterion have gone on record to say that not only will Trophies be integrated in a future update of Paradise, but they will be awarded based on your progress in your existing save game - so, when the update arrives the trophies you have earned will reflect the progress you've made in the game at that time. In essence: you won't have to replay the game again to earn trophies.

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TheWickedOne3765d ago

If true that great news. I love Burnout, but I have no desire to replay the whole game again.

Hulligan853765d ago

If thats the case, make sure you backup your game save.

If you dont, and you gamesaves corrupt like mine did, you're gonna have to do it all again.

I miss my Elite license. :(

Time_Is_On_My_Side3765d ago

Corrupt data usually happens when the console turns off while the game is being saved. Did that happen to you?

Hulligan853765d ago

Nope thats never happened to me, i always wait until the hdd light has stopped flashing, then exit my games before shutting down.

It only happened after playing GTAIV, and reading on the web and asking my friends, im not the only one its happened to either.

Lost ALL my game saves, i was gutted.

tretle3765d ago

Here come the cheaters :(