Cipher Complex - First Details and Media

Videogame super spies move too slowly. At least the team at Edge of Reality studios thinks so. The Austin-based developer has played every stealth game under the sun and found them lacking. Now, after years of making profitable license games (think Shark Tale and Over the Hedge), they intend to do something about it. Put simply, they want to kick the stealth genre into overdrive by making it faster, smarter, and increasingly brutal.

The game to make it all happen is Cipher Complex, and it just happens to be Edge of Reality's very first original game. After years of squirreling away money from its franchise offerings, the team decided the time was right to start making Cipher Complex, an idea the team had been brewing for years. It would carve out its own subgenre by focusing on something the team likes to call "aggressive infiltration." And yes, it plays exactly like it sounds. Instead of sitting in a dark corner waiting for a guard to walk by, players will actively push through obstacles (living or otherwise) to achieve their goals. Players avoid detection through speed and lightning-fast executions -- not from hiding and avoiding confrontation

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D3acon4369d ago

But I don't expect too much from this title. They are taking the necessary steps by creating a solid story and character background. My main concern that it will be too easy and a very short game. But it looks awsome.

If you watch the video there is, what appears to be, about five seconds of gameplay at the end.

CardboardGun4368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

I just sent that in for evaluation a little over an hour ago.. Not stealing my news, are we?;)

ryanjtravis4368d ago

Sounds fantastic... sign me up!

PS360PCROCKS4368d ago

I think it's a fantastic idea, I think this game will be more of a challenge than you think D3acon. The skill will not be in sneaking, but sneaking and than doing your moves so smoothly and fast that the guys don't have a chance to yell for help. Good idea, good story, we'll see about this one later

Sphinx4367d ago

...and as long as the game lasts long enough, and is fun enough, I'll be sold.I wonder how they'd get multiplayer in there?

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