Breaking: The Wii Does Not Appear To Be A Fad, Says Analyst

Is the Wii a fad? It's been a rather a hot topic of debate ever since the console first gained mainstream popularity, but after extensive periods of research and analysis, DFC analyst David Cole has determined that the Wii does not appear to be a fad. In fact, Cole reckons the Wii may just be on its way to become one of the best-selling home consoles of all time. Blasphemy!

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w22shadow3760d ago

In other news: water is wet.

PoSTedUP3760d ago

its more like an epidemic, and it will end sooner or later : *

ice_prophecy3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

correction:It is no longer just an epidemic! It is an Pandemic. As it is an affects the wide population. Traditionally, epidemic is a new presence that affect a specific region of a populous at a very fast rate.

;) It's safe to say its gone way past just an epidemic :D

Edit: Sorry my Health and Societies Studies is coming through.... Damn infectious diseases!

N4Gisbiased3760d ago

Doesn't really matter...there's only 4 good games on it regardless.

I'll save my money, thanks.

crank3760d ago

my point exactly, just sold mine for 270 1 year used no real gamer wants one of these after mario galaxy

deeznuts3760d ago

More like a virus. No known cure.

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ElementX3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

"The Xbox 360 is the system of choice for fans of high-action first-person shooter (FPS) games. However, for the 80%-plus of game consumers that DO NOT play FPS games, the Xbox 360 is not the system of choice."

Well, for one, the 360 doesn't mainly have FPS like that link states. Furthermore, more and more FPS titles are coming out for PS3 also.

Also, more than 20% of gamers play FPS.

karlostomy3760d ago

---> 2009 the "year of PS3"?

I thought that's what you said in 2006, 2007 and 2008?

LastDance3760d ago

I saw with my own 2 eyes, the wii become a fad. I was in EB games and i was next to a girl who was holding her new Wii, trying to choose a game. OFcourse she couldn't get Zelda, Metroid or A mario game.. because she said her friends already had THOSE games so she needed something different..cez ya kNow..GoTtA Hv SmFin DiFfErnt Nd bE KeWlZ.

Im sure some people are really keen on their wii's, but i can almost promise that girl aint played it ne more...n im sure thats true with many fact i all my friends who have 1 dont even play it.

haha...OH BTW the game she ended up buying was some dogs game.

(I am not a pedafile)

mistertwoturbo3760d ago

"The Nintendo Wii, truely ushering a new generation of gaming. The true next-generation experience for any new potential buyer. The real deal games console. But in order to be cool, you have to buy games that your friends don't already have to match your pink purse"

thisisim3760d ago

I think it's ridiculous for anyone to buy a wii and not buy the games I would buy for it. Everyone should think just like me. Stupid dogs games can't possibly be fun for anyone. Therefore by my undisputable calculations:

Wii = Fad.


LastDance3759d ago

Yea see she didnt buy all the other games coz her friends already had THOSE games...whatever game she bought was of no significance.

tojfs79313759d ago

Why wouldn't you want to have a game other friends of yours are playing-- oh wait i know why- cause they dont have any acheivements or trophies on the wii!

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Iceman100x3760d ago

"The Wii Does Not Appear To Be A Fad?"

No sh** these people are dumb as hell

Pedobear3760d ago

Because we eventually get sick of something when something better comes out. Wii is no different.

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