UPDATE : Warhawk Trophies

Dylan Jobe has announced Warhawk trophy information on the US Playstation forums.

* There are 10 trophies based on the Warhawk's current stats/rank/awards system. Like getting all your Bronze badges, attaining a specific rank, or earning a number of medals.

* There are 34 trophies that are entirely *new* rewards based on Warhawks core game and not based on our current stats, ranks or other awards.

* There are then 4 trophies per booster pack that are, of course, completely new awards.

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PSTAVY4832d ago

Well i expected this considering its an online only game

Jim Crowslaw4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

but what if uve already achieve that level?

edit: i meant achieveD past tense...sry :p, would the trophy automatically be uploaded?

Nitrowolf24832d ago

^^^ well the you would get t trophy

name4832d ago

Now I wish MGS4 saved stuff on the psn :(

Gish4832d ago

Woohoo! Love some warhawk

Morbid_A4832d ago

SWEET! Now if I could only tear myself away from Bad Company long enough I might play some Warhawk again...

Jim Crowslaw4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

i think im breaking night tonight. omg what a perfect 3 days to have off from work. its nothin but food, sex, games and sh!tting for me!!

anyone interested in gettin trophies wit me in Warhawk, MGO (if they have em), or RFOM hit me up

PSN: UnSelfHomicide

AlienGorilla4832d ago

Ahhh....the four basic necessities of life.

Jim Crowslaw4832d ago

(sigh) do we need more else?

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The story is too old to be commented.