Mass Effect 4 Is Looking Better Everyday, Game File Size Is Massive, ‘There Is A Lot In There’

Here’s some interesting news that’s not quite news for those of you who, like me, are avid fans of the Mass Effect universe and all things tied to it. A recent tweet from one Chris Wynn, who is Senior Development Director over at Bioware Montreal, reads “Copying the latest Mass Effect build to my computer to play. Windows is telling me “about 1 day” to copy it. There is a lot in there.”

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AngelicIceDiamond2972d ago

Ugh, I wanna see this game so damn bad.

EA better show this game off next E3.

In fact EA better have a real E3 next year and not half ass it like they did last summer.

2015 is the year EA steps up.

NewMonday2972d ago

after plying Dragon Age Inquisition I'm very hyped for this, Bioware fix all the problems, they did everything great, now can't wait to see what they do with Mass Effect.

Ezz20132972d ago

never played Dragon Age before
and man i'm having tons of fun with this amazing game

92 hours in and i'm still in mission 5 or 4 in the main story

been doing lots of side missions
and i don't think i'm even close to halfway

Dark112972d ago

Yeah me too!
but please no more Fetch Quests.

DanteVFenris6662972d ago

What my hope is they do something like DAI with the fast travel map but instead of different areas they are different planets. And this is just a dream but maybe even use a spaceship to travel to real time would be great.

I remember ratchet and clank doing that. They made a 2d space flyer in a 3d world to fly to other planets and it worked perfectly. Something like that would be cool.

joab7772972d ago

Me too. Inquisition blew me away. I always said that if Bioware and Bethesda got together and made an rpg, ot would be epic.

This is the closest thing to date and surpassed my greatest expectations.

Now, The Witcher 3 may end up being the rpg to beat once it releases in May, but I am extremely optimistic for Mass Effect. Hopefully they create big areas like Dragon Age on different planets. It would finally allow us to delve into these amazing races and their homeworlds. Man, I cant wait.

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NuggetsOfGod2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I want star citizen and me4.

I hope pc is lead platform.

Dream big Bio dream big!

Magicite2972d ago

bioware is who deserves all the praise, EA are still sh1t.

Tsar4ever012972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I hope Bioware copies the character soldier animation mo-cap & cover style animation of Ghost Recon Future Soldier & Ghost Recon online/Phantom. Or a least look at both games for inspiration.

GRO/P example: Take close look at 2:16-3:00

4:39-4:50 shows best is what is explained in this dev dairy video 0:10-1:05, the most intriguing part starts at 0:34

then there's GRFS anime & cover : and this Navy Seals MoCap This is not about the game as a whole, I'm talking specifically about your character as a N7 soldier for ME4. Over-the shoulder, shoulder swap, cover anime, ADS, wall sticking, running, sliding, crouch stalking. Nobody out there is better at this than Ubisoft, as far as modern-era combat soldiers are concerned.

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Roccetarius2972d ago

Games like The Evil Within and Wolfenstein is massive as well, but we all know what happened to those games. Inconsistent textures and the like.

I think people should keep their hype in check. :)

DanteVFenris6662972d ago

Ummmm what? Those developers are completley different and different genres and games. Yes any game can have popins

Roccetarius2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I'm saying size is irrelevant to talk about, it's what you do with it.

ChrisChambers2972d ago

Haven't played The Evil Within but man I played the hell out of Wolfenstein. Didn't think I'd love that game as much as I do, but it was definitely worth the price of admission

Chanogram2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Are you seriously comparing wolfensetein and the evil within (two mostly linear games) to Mass Effect in terms of scope and size?? have you actually played any of those games?

aliengmr2972d ago

In all fairness, Wolfenstein's file size was due to the streaming textures. RAGE was pretty large too.

Though you do have a point, Wolfenstein was like a 44gb install. Great game, sure, but there have been games with more "stuff" at half the file size, so that's not really a great indicator of a good game. Could just be a large pile of crap for all we know.

Trekster_Gamer2971d ago

I think your comment should be kept in check. I would guess you have never played mass effect.
Careful removing your foot from your mouth

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TacticAce2972d ago

I just hope that it is New Gen only. EA Seems to be late to that party. Cross Gen hurts every game it touches because those systems hinder creative decisions.

medman2972d ago

Mass Effect is sooooo good. I'll have another.

MilkMan2972d ago

A lot of what? Multiplayer?!
Tell you what, I want a STRONG, LONG single Player campaign, but I know I wont get this. Instead Ill get a cut up, half assed done SP, with tons of DLC and strong focus on multiplayer, you know to keep the "experience" going - since thats what ME is turned into. The next Army of Two.

TheRedButterfly2971d ago

^ Clearly couldn't solo Platinum and is salty about it.


But real talk, ME3's MP was wonderful. So was it's SP. MP would only warrant criticism had it taken away from the SP, which it didn't.

MilkMan2971d ago

Played the MP twice and never went back. Oh and I don't platinum games, im old school. When I see credits roll, signifies to me that I beat the game.
MP was a HUGE distraction from the main game. There was no purpose for that content other than place a carrot right in front of the gullible, action-addicted gamers.
I like my rpgs (or in ME's case rpg-lite) long and involved. minus any mp. Like Dragon Age. I've omitted the MP part of the game and so far the SP is satisfying. Ill never miss it.

TheRedButterfly2971d ago

-_- Platinum was a difficulty in the multiplayer and has nothing to do with achievements/trophies.

How was MP a distraction to the game? "There was no purpose of that content other than place a carrot..." Uh, isn't that what any/all multiplayer is about? Gears of War/Last of us didn't need MP, but they didn't suffer from it - they benefited from it. Same with ME3. I play through the SP a couple times, but after that I'm pretty much done with my RPGs (Skyrim? Only had 1 playthrough... 450+hrs of it, but whatever).

But because of ME3's MP, I continued to play, and enjoy, the game for many months. Solid gameplay mechanics and challenging horde-mode? That's an enjoyable pass-time.

Though, there's something to be said about actually playing with friends, so I guess that'd be a good place to start.

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