GTA IV iCEnhancer C - Main Preset Showcased With New Screenshots

As you may already know, Hayssam ‘icelaglace’ Keilany is working on the next version of the iCEnhancer mod for GTA IV. And today the modder released a new set of screenshots from it.

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Madderz1408d ago

Sometimes I wish I kept my PC.


Madderz1408d ago

Me and my ex broke up, i had to move back home.

Needed the cash and i had no space!

I really should invest in another one now as that was a few years back, however i have a daughter due today and something tells me my gaming time and funds are both going to be limited :/

So there ya go :)

ab5olut10n1408d ago

@Madderz congrats on the kid, decent trade against gaming you ask me

Madderz1408d ago


Thank you very much :)

If i have my way she will be a gamer too.