Blue Dragon scores first 10 in Japan

With a little more than 1 week to go, Microsoft must be really excited about the Japanese launch of Blue Dragon. Can it permanently push the Xbox 360 sales forward? The first review by the a Japanese gamemagazine is hopeful, giving the game three times a 9 and one 10. (they rate with four different people)

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eques judicii4432d ago

i was a little scared the game would suck and be nothing but hype...

InMyOpinion4432d ago

It's Sakaguchi - Final Fantasy golden boy. I don't know about other genres, but if theres one genre japanese gaming magazines know, it's the rpg genre. This looks good.

Thump19674432d ago

Hey that is awesome that will help MS over in Japan and now I'm looking forward to it more now

MicroGamer4432d ago (Edited 4432d ago )

is going to drive 360 sales over there and maybe convince the Japanese that they don't have a monopoly on good games anymore. If the 360 is going to catch on, though, they need to follow this one up with something equally good or better. That was one of the strengths of the Japanese RPG scene. You would buy an awesome new release and by the time you were done with that one, there was always another one, equally good, on the shelves for you to buy.

malachi234432d ago

Ok i STILL think Microsoft has failed this gen with the Japanese market.
But Microsoft must learn from this that you need to release a console with Japanese tailored games and not western.

BIadestarX4432d ago

You may be right. But this does not mean it will not prepare the ground for the next xbox that comes arround the same way this original xbox did for the 360 in US and Europe. Sony can only take so much punishment. Don't forget most 360 fans used to be Sony/nintendo fans; so no matter what Sony/Nintendo is losing.

blackmagic4432d ago

I agree 100% yet Sony seems to be selling okay despite its western launch lineup so I would say brand loyalty plays a big part also.

I think that MS needs to excel in, not just deliver, japanese content in order to capture a chunk of japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.