Sony not making it easy for trophy whores

Sarcastic Gamer: "Firmware 2.40 will go live tomorrow (July 2). PS3 owners will finally get the in-game XMB they have been demanding for over a year. Personally, I could care less about in-game communication. The real gems in this new update are the support for custom soundtracks and the new trophy system. Though it is ultimately up to the developers to make each available in an individual game, the mere thought of wasting Chernovan scum to "Peace Sells" is enough to warrant a new pair of pants."

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Devilbringer3758d ago

Right.... :P the Trophys will come when they come, im more into the in-game music myself:)

N4Gisbiased3758d ago

I hope the trophies aren't as easy to get as achievements.

They'll be less cheating and fraudulent trophies *achievements* on Home than on Live.

xhairs93757d ago

It seems that each trophy has a different difficulty to it. I noticed one of the Platinum trophies in Super Stardust HD requires split screen play in order to get it -- very interesting if you ask me.

meepmoopmeep3758d ago

it's great for having trophy security implemented.
people need to earn it, not weasel out and copy game saves.

joydestroy3758d ago

does anyone know what time this FW is supposed to go live?

Jim Crowslaw3758d ago

im assumin 12am on the east side of the world and 3am for the states...could be wrong

Muff1nB4k3r3758d ago

I want to know too, as I'd rather have it download overnight and get right to gaming the immediate hours afterwards

Devilbringer3758d ago

but here its 04:00 am = /

PS3forME3758d ago

Everyone is saying supposedly 12 AM Japan time. That translates to 12 PM Eastern US, 11 PM Central US, 10 PM Mountain US, 9 PM Pacific US

joydestroy3758d ago

thanks to all that replied!
PS3forME, i hope it's sooner than 12PM :/

Premonition3758d ago

usually its around 3-4am east since West coast needs to be near midnight for it to release, but my friend on the west coast usually gets it around 11pm 11:30pm

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user8586213758d ago

u bots keep 1up lmao haha we got the sarcastic gamers!! ahem what they say is the trophy is like achievements BUT in the right direction!!! u bots are goin the rong way!!!

TruthBTold3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

or are websites just saying it will be released tomorrow?

Thanks, great news than. I have been following the news but asummed it was jusr rumors

Muff1nB4k3r3758d ago

It's been confirmed on PS Blog, haven't you been around this week?

Just kidding, here's a source

The bottom of the following source from PS Blog also shows July 2nd

Bigrhyno3758d ago

Confirmed by the Official Playstation Blog.