Ultra Street Fighter 4 Wild Costumes Screenshots and Patch 1.04 Detailed

During the Capcom Cup Finals, when the fans are all excited about the new Street Fighter 5, there were also some announcements regarding Ultra Street Fighter 4. During the event Matt Dahlgren

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johnrapper11222381d ago

The reason I Won't play Ultimate Street Fighter 4 is because there is nothing special in it. It's the same old Street Fighter 4. Mark my words, Street Fighter 5 will be the biggest flop of the century.

Thank God! Such lame title is not coming on Xbox one. Xbox One = Quality Games only.

megatron007332381d ago

I don't know whats your problem with Street Fighter? Capcom has done really amazing job and Who cares if you don't like it. Every gamer has their own choice? Some like Call Of Duty and some like Battlefield. Simple.

Knushwood Butt2381d ago

Someone fetch the ointment.

hay2381d ago

I wouldn't go that far. I thought SF4 was a huge regress in the series making it pretty bad in comparison to any SF game and we both can see people are treating it like a second coming.
SF5 will be successful even if it will be the turd coming(pun intented).
I mean, nobody noticed this game is essentially based on original SF4 assets before the castration, so basically the same shit CAPCOM is capable of spewing with every iteration, and according to reception, it kicks some serious butt.
Just ignore it. When 15 iterations later with SF6 they will see the same assets from SF5 some may start to wonder, that CAPCOM is full of nasties.

MonstaTruk2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Your points on SFV being a flop and "Xbox One = Quality Games Only" are ridiculous. However, your first sentence does ring alot of truth. Capcom (& Namco) need more interesting modes for their fighting games. Look at BlazBlue. There are so many different/interesting/challeng ing modes AFTER Arcade/Multiplayer mode. Where's...a fun bowling mode/Dynamic Fighting mode (a la Street Fighter Alpha)/Legendary Mode (a la Soul Calibur)? Hell, where are your deeper/more obscure roster of characters (Skullomania/Garuda/R.Mika/Leo /Kenji/Biff Slamkovich/The Scorpion)? They've gotten complacent, and that aspect has kinda pissed me off about them, over the years...

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slutface2381d ago

my mains are hugo, rose, elena, poison and hakan!

wannabe gamer2380d ago

most of these look really lame. its like dude whats your spirit animal type junk. just dumb