The Conduit - High Voltage Interview writes "I got the chance to talk with some of the guys at High Voltage about their upcoming game and clear up a few questions I had on it along with some concerns, specifically if it was going to live up to all the hype. Rob Nicholls (lead game designer), Eric Nossinger (chief creative officer) and Matt Corso (studio creative director) hopped onto a speaker phone and happily answered every question I could throw at them. Want their answers? Read on."

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ChickeyCantor3765d ago

I'm glad they dont want a publisher now....i mean look what EA is doing to lots of games.
Even thuogh its being hyped and the developers are being arrogant about their own game....i do believe this can actually be a good game

mepsipax3765d ago

these guys are very honest, and you can tell that what they say is the truth, they don't have a publisher breathing down their neck telling them what they can say and what they can't they are just saying what they're trying to accomplish, they're not really hyping it, it's all the fanboys that are blowing it of proportion, everytime I read an interview with these guys I want to play the Conduit more and more.

ChickeyCantor3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I know, i couldnt find the right word.
The way they talk about how they got inspired and stuff....
Its just i hope its not gonna blow at the end.

Not only is there a hype going on, They keep this hype strongly going by saying such things.

Just dont want this to flop, after Metroid prime 3 i need a new FPS type of gameplay.

Product3765d ago

Metroid 3 is prolly my favorite wii game i own.If this game can feel like metroid with anywhere near the polish and include mulitplayer(which is the only thing from Metroid being a God-send)this could be a game that shows a bunch of others developers how it should be done........because im getting tired of high profile developers giving wii owners ports and sh!t.Looking at you Capcom(except for res evil UC which was done very well,imo),EA,etc.

ChickeyCantor3765d ago

It seems this engine is doing allot, would be cool if other developers would buy this engine to produce other types of games.

mepsipax3765d ago

Metroid is one of the most beautiful games ever (IMO) it just proves that art direction and design always, always trumps graphics technology, just look at doom 3 that game was what? 2004 but it had such strong art direction that (IMO) it could easily compete with many current gen titles now. I don't know what it is about nintendo but you can have fun in their games just by moving, like in SMG I could run around, jump off walls, do backflips for hours on end and I would still have fun, same goes for Metroid, Ninty always nails the controls.

Smacktard3765d ago

...What are you talking about, Product? Capcom's had nothing but good news for the Wii. Zack and Wiki was a great game, and Spyborgs looks like it could be interesting. There have been some ports, but they were far from half-assed.

Product3765d ago

I agree completely, in Metroid when you first get to skytown..........just beautiful.I have played halo3 and a bunch of ps3 titles but dizzamn the art direction in that level was outstanding.

Ogrekiller3765d ago

Crossing my fingers for something at E3... Or is that something too much to hope for? Either way, I think it's about time they showed off more footage to back up all the claims of progress they're making.
(Not that I'm not believing them, I do.)

mepsipax3765d ago

if Ninty picked the Conduit up, in the interview they said they were working very closely with Nintendo, that day would be glorious than we would have two awesome mature devs working with Ninty Retro and High Voltage.

--Onilink--3765d ago

mmm i dont know about that...

it would be great the support they would get this way, but nintendo is probably the type of companies they are avoiding right now for publishers, because they know how controlling they can be with the things that appear in their games

Perverted3765d ago

It could be a hint that Nintendo is likely to pick them up....And unveil it at E3 as their hardcore gamers game!
I always dislike the fact that interviewers as about voice-chat....It would be up to Nintendo to get voice-chat going. But they answered well and said they love it but it's unlikely...
16 players online = awesome.
I really can't wait for this game.

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